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So I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of months...

So I’ve wanted to do this for a couple of months after researching I came across this website, I’m definitely going to do it now. I want a big booty with a small waist and flat stomach lol!! Who doesn't?? i have thick thighs and im not going to do them and they do rub in but i like thick legs it looks nice especially when you work them out ;) One thing i hate are my fat arms that's why i have to loose weight before the surgery because i don't want to do my arms! Ive never hated my body i just always knew i could look better. I live in Miami I’m 23 5’3 and I weight 163 : ( FAT!!! I know lol.. I've always been between 130-140 when I was 20 I would exercise and eat healthy and I was 120-125 but then I started gaining weight because I stopped working out when I turned 21 I was about 140 and after I just started gaining weight I cared but at the same time I didn’t care I was with my boyfriend since I was 16 and he would always compliment me and said I looked good so I was like okay w.e!! I’m definitely going to go down to 145 – 150 before I do this. I want to do it with Salama just because I love his results. I’ll probably go in for a consultation next month, the only thing that sucks I’ve been reading he’s booked until like July 2013 : ( ! Well I have a friend that did this procedure about 2 weeks ago I haven’t seen her yet I’m probably going to go see her this weekend or next weekend. She did it with DR. REYES his office is in South Miami and her total was $5,200 her weight before surgery was 174. So I want to see her results if I like them then I will consider going to him just because Salama is booked until the middle of next year.

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