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Being Hispanic and coming from a family where even...

Being Hispanic and coming from a family where even some of the men have big butts has always made me feel left out.
I always said that surgery was an option if exercise couldn't get me what I wanted but the more I read the reviews you wonderful
ladies have up especially ENJOYSELF, I have started to want this surgery even more so.

I have inquired pricing with Dr. Salama in Aventur, Fl and he gave me a quote of $7,000;
Liposuction of basically my entire stomach and back area.
Liposuction of my thighs.
Then Fat Deposited to my posterior via BBL.

I would definitely go through with this procedure now but school is preventing me from getting the time off.

For now I would like to be a bit more informed on this surgery and I was hoping you beautiful ladies could help me.
Here are a few questions, thank you in advanced:)

1.) Have any of you ladies had the BBL surgery and then had kids afterwards? (I haven't had any kids and I'd like to in the future but I wouldn't want the surgery to have basically gone to waist.)

2.) Have any of you ladies lost your booty's post op? I hear both stories that say after a year it'll be lost and then I hear stories stating that it is false and your results are permanent after a few months. help please?

3.) Have any of you had positive results with any doctor who is not Dr. Salama and how much did they charge? I am very interested in still finding out more on great doctors (especially those near California).

4.) If I am taller than 5'6 and weight about 170, how many cc's would you recommend to get me a booty between that of Jessica Biel and Jennifer Lopez?

I am hearing amazing things about Dr Campos and Dr...

I am hearing amazing things about Dr Campos and Dr. Cardenas in Mexico; anyone have any feedback?
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