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Hey BBL family! So I am going for a BBL at...

Hey BBL family!

So I am going for a BBL at the end of September... I have wanted this for about 6 months and after much procrastinating I am finally about to take the plunge. I will take you through my journey and give as much information as possible. Please feel free to contact me for any further information or advice. I have done a lot of research; but knowledge is power.

First off I was torn between Dr. Jimerson, Dr. Perry and Dr. Salama. I eventually decided decided to go with Salama due to all the fab reviews, the fact they responded to my email immediately (Ruben you rock!) and although a bit on the expensive side; he sculpts really well. I am after a big booty (@ least 900cc) and a hour glass shape. I want the dramatic "S-Curve"!

Rueben was so helpful and sweet- showed him my jelly belly pics and he said they should be able to get about 900cc into my ass. I am trying to put on extra weight so that I have 900cc AFTER the 30% re-absorption and swelling goes down; plus i need fat on my hips!

Will update as I get more information.

Hello Fellow BBL Ladies, I am having my BBL...

Hello Fellow BBL Ladies,

I am having my BBL with Dr. Jimerson. I was going to use Dr. Salama; but I have decided to go with Jimerson because he can make 900cc of fat look like 1,100 cc of fat! Not too sure how he does it; but the pics I have seen; the girls look stunning!

Is anyone else scheduled to do a BBL around that time. I'm flying in from the UK; so would be grateful for any company.

Also, I would like to hear from anyone else who has used Jimerson on their experience and long term results.

Will update you every step of the way!!!!!!!! xxx

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