40+ Wife with Four Daughters Getting my Ssexxxxy Back!!! - Aventura, FL

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I have been on Real Self for a few years...

I have been on Real Self for a few years researching this procedure and I finally made my decision. Dr. McAdoo here I come. I'm so excited! My advise to everyone on this journey is to ask questions. I am so glad to have RS sisters that have gone thru and are going thru this journey also because you ladies I would be lost.

I started my vitamin regimen last week and will be trying to lose 20 lbs before my surgery. Weight Watchers and walking are what I will be doing.

Safe journey ladies.

Bootylicious Question

I want to wear leggings (copying one of my RS sisters) after my BBL. What size should I buy? Help!!


Which pillow is better? I'm getting ready to place my order and I'm unsure which one to get Booty Buddy or BBL pillow?

Almost there

I'm cleared by my PCP! Labs were all great! Balance paid off. RH paid in full. Flight brought. Supplies brought. Dr. McAdoo here I come!!! What am I missing ladies?

Dr. McAdoo

I had my SX on Friday 2/24/17 & I must say he is the most kind, caring, patient doctor. Thank you for using my body as a canvas for you work!!

Seduction by Jardon's Cosmetic

They are such a rip off! Ladies if you have someone willing to travel with you, use a different recovery house or rent an Airbnb. No one speaks English, T.V. Set to Spanish station, radio set to Spanish station. In the car only Spanish and they won't give you the WiFi passcode.

While I was there they physical put a woman out of the house because her credit was maxed. She lives in Boston and her flight was Monday evening. She had mommy makeover. Inconsiderate, nasty, rude. The feed the staff first before the ladies. The food was gross. I'm allergic to seafood so I requested a vegan diet, they served me fish twice.

Once you book with them, pray! Dr. McAdoo is an awesome doctor - only if he can find competent staffing!!!
Aventura Plastic Surgeon

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