39 Years Old, 5.2", 118 lbs - Dr. Salama - 2016 - Aventura, FL

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A little bit about me: I am 39 years old, no kids,...

A little bit about me: I am 39 years old, no kids, 5.2, hoping to be at 120 by my surgery date on 06/21 - I only have 2 more lbs to go.

I do not have any wish pics. What I am hoping to achieve is better proportioned body. When I gain weight, it all goes into my upper body, when I'm super skinny (my lowest weight was at 95 lbs) I still have a little pouch where I should have flat stomach. My legs and my bum stay super skinny no matter what and I have no hips! I am not looking to get huge butt, what I want is more shaped upper body, smaller waist, bigger hips, and I just want all my upper body fat to be moved to my lower body for good! :)

I've spent months researching doctors and Dr. Salama it is! So far my experience with Dr. Salama's office has been great. My patient coordinator is Nancy and she's been very helpful...

I booked my surgery in January for 06/21 because this is the best time for me for personal reasons. It also gave me more than enough time to get everything prepared for my surgery. I have a little bit of OCD and I HAVE to have everything planned out and just perfect :) I will be traveling to Miami with my mom. I have everything booked and I got all of the supplies already (probably more than what I would need but I'd rather have it and don't use it than need it and don't have it).

At this point all I have to do is pig out and wait :)

Current stats

Height = 5.2 Weight = 118 lbs Bust = 34 Waist = 30 Hips = 37 I'm not sure I measured my hips correctly. I measured according to instructions on how to measure hips I'm just a little bit surprised that the number is so high, I mean I have no hips, but now I'm thinking maybe it's the waiste that don't have :) I am adding my current pics, as you can see, all my fat is in my mid section. I also decided to stop at my current weight and just maintain it, I feel fat enough...

Medical Clearence

Today I went to my Doctor for my medical clearance. The results should be ready and faxed by end of this week. Two things from today's visit:

1. My weight is holding at 118 lbs.

2. My height was measured at 5.1 today. I go there every year and last few years my height gets smaller and smaller. I was 5.4 all my life, then 5.3 about 2 years ago, last year they measured me at 5.2 and now 5.1 lol I'm shrinking!

Vaser lipo vs Traditional lipo

I've read that with vaser lipo there is shorter and easier recovery time and better results. I am wondering if I should get vaser lipo instead of traditional lipo. I asked Nancy via email about vaser lipo and her response was that only patients that really need it get that cuz it's more expensive. I want to talk to her on the phone to find out who qualifies as someone who really need it...I want to explore this option and get all the facts...

Shea Butter

I started using it on my skin to help prevent possible stretch marks when I get fat transfer

Added Vaser Lipo

So, after staring at my stomach for like a week and after reading my girl blondiexoxox review, I ended up adding vaser lipo to the abdomen! Btw, my stomach is out of control, it hurts my eyes and I can barely fit into any of my pants anymore...I cannot wait already for all this fat to be in the right place!!

2 more months...

I don't know if I can wait 2 more months. I feel so fat :-/ also can't decide if I want to add lipo for my arms and it is stressing me out.

Preparations for my recovery

Even though I have 51 days until my big day, I have everything ready including my sleeping arrangements at home when I come back from Miami.

I can’t take credit for this :) I saw it on someone else’s review and thought it was a great idea.
I bought a memory foam mattress (twin size, 12 inches thick - $200) and I cut it in half. I will be able to sleep comfortably on my back by moving 2 halves slightly apart creating a space for my butt or moving them together and sleep on my stomach!

I think the worst part of the recovery would be not being able to sit down or lay on my back. I have very high pain tolerance so I’m not worried about the pain. I know it’s another $200 that I’ve spent but it will be worth every penny for me to be able to lay down on my back without ruining my bum :)

Pic of my 2-piece mattress is attached. Obviously I will move the 2 halves further apart to create enough room for my butt, this is just to give you guys an idea…

35 days till my big day...

My big day is almost here, days are flying by...I was very exited months ago but now I am just very nervous! I am very uncomfortable with the fact that a couple of girls who recently got their procedure done are not happy with their results, it makes me very anxious. I just want to come out of it looking better than I do now and not worse. I don't hate my body now and in clothes I actually look good. I am so nevious! Also, for some weird reason I had so many young guys hitting on me in the last few weeks. I feel fat and not sexy with my weight gain so I am not sure why I'm getting so much attention...lol maybe it's just spring? :)

This is it...

My surgery is tomorrow! I’m not nervous, I’m sort of on the auto pilot since I left home. I just want to fast forward 2-3 weeks from now and be back home and done with the worst of it :) I had my pre-op appointment this morning. Everything was pretty much what I expected. Office was nice and clean. Girls that work there were nice and very professional. I won’t meet Dr. Salama until tomorrow morning. I took a couple of more pics this morning and my latest measurements: Height = 5.2 Weight = 118 Bust = 37 Waist = 29 Hips = 36

1 day post-op

I had my procedure done yesterday and before I start talking about myself I would like to say few things about Dr. Salama and his stuff. I was actually very impressed at how efficient they were. I was told to arrive at the surgery center at 8:30 am and for some reason I thought I would be sitting around in the waiting room for a couple of hours but that wasn’t the case. I was taken back at 8:40 am, changed in the bathroom and when I walked out of the bathroom the first person I saw was Dr. Salama. The moment I saw him I got a warm feeling and I knew he was the best doctor for me. My initial feeling was not wrong! Dr. Salama is wonderful, kind, professional, warm, and funny. He made me feel relaxed and also made me laugh. He took me in the exam room and we chatted a bit about our backgrounds and he made me smile and laugh a lot. He is very warm and kind person but also very professional. He explained everything to me in great detail, answered all my questions and listened to me. He said I don’t have that much fat and asked if it’s ok if he uses fat from my arms if needed, I of course said yes. He marked me up and asked me to show him my wish pic which I did and that was very funny because he said “I can make it bigger” :) Dr. Salama definitely exceeded my expectations, he is a wonderful person and a very talented surgeon! I also would like to say that the rest of his stuff was also wonderful! I woke up face down, covered with heated blanket, I could actually feel the heat and I wasn’t cold, yet I was shaking uncontrollably, I cannot explain it but it was just terrible, my whole body was shaking like crazy. I remember one of the nurses asking me if I was okay and I remember telling her that I couldn’t stop shaking. Next time I opened my eyes, Dr. Salama was standing next to me. I asked him if he ended up taking fat from my arms and he said no and I said I told you I was fat lol. Then I asked him how many cc I got and he said 1,000 cc on each side. Next time I opened my eyes, one of the nurses (I think her name was Monica) put on my robe on me and helped me in the wheel chair. I remember I kept on saying I don’t want to sit on my butt lol but then the nausea came and I didn’t care anymore. I vomited right there and they gave me 2 shots from nausea they said and 1 from pain and wheeled me out to the car. In the car, the nurse had to empty my drains several times, they kept on filling up. The ride to the condo wasn’t bad (4 miles), I didn’t want to lay on my stomach cuz I was so nauseous and scared I’d throw up if I lay down so I just kneeled on the back seat facing back and didn’t care for people looking at me at all lol. Few hours after I got home were the worst because of nausea. I took Zofran but didn’t seem to help until finally, finally it all came out!!! OMG it felt so good lol. Right after I felt so much better! Yesterday didn’t eat much at all, only few tablespoons of chicken broth but I kept on drinking lots of water. I worked out a system with the pain medication, I take half of the pill every 2 hours. Last night wasn’t bad after my final vomit (sorry). I woke up every hour, urinated using plastic cup, emptied front drain (my back drain barely draining), walked around 5-10 min, went back to sleep for another hour. I didn’t need an alarm, like a clock-work I woke up every hour! This morning feeling okay I guess…wasn’t hungry but forced myself to eat scrambled egg and had a glass of milk. I’m sort of in pain in a few places. My stomach feels okay (vaser lipo?) but my pubic area and my back sore as hell, my back hurts the most. When I touch my back on top I can feel liquid inside – such a weird feeling. And my back drain has been barely filling up, like almost nothing. Going to post-op at 11:30 today so maybe they will see why it’s not draining much. I’m also swollen in my face and hands. Other than that, I have to say I am doing okay.

2nd day post-op

Yesterday late afternoon, evening and last night were really rough. I was in so much pain. I have been taking whole pain pill every 3 hours or so. This morning I showered and washed my garment and put it back on – it was challenging to say the least but somehow I think I’m feeling a little better compare to last night. I am very swollen, especially my thighs for some reason, I didn’t do my thighs but they got so HUGE!! I glanced at my shape when I took off the garment today and I like what I saw, I can’t wait for this swelling to go down so I can really take a look at myself. I need to be patient, it hasn’t even been 48 hours yet. I’m eating a little, and drinking a lot, and walking a lot. I was draining a lot from my front drain the first day/night but since yesterday morning barely anything comes out. Tomorrow is my first massage.

3rd day post-op

I had my 1st massage today. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My massage therapist Eilyn (I hope I spelled it correctly) was absolutely wonderful! I'm also now in my stage 2 garment. It feels very tight as it should I guess. I feel okay with the help of the painkillers and actually felt hungry for the first time since the surgery when I got back from the massage so that's good! Here are some pics taken today right after the massage.

39 Years Old, 5.2", 118 Lbs

39 years old, 5.2", 118 lbs – BBLI didn’t meet Dr. Salama until the morning of my surgery and the moment I saw him I got a warm feeling and I knew he was the best doctor for me. My initial feeling was not wrong! Dr. Salama is wonderful, kind, professional, warm, and funny. He made me feel relaxed and also made me laugh.He was very thorough and detailed at explaining everything and he listened to everything I had to say and answered every question that I had. Since I am only 3 days post-op it is too soon to see any real results but I absolutely trust Dr.Salama skills and I have no doubt that he sculpted me the best my body could be sculpted.I am so happy I chose Dr. Salama as my surgeon. Thank you Dr. Salama and to the rest of your stuff!

Day 4

Not having a good day today. This new garment is so tight, idk how I made it through the night. Was nauseous and vomited in the morning. Then felt like I had to do #2, it was so much work to get out of this thing and was all for nothing :-/ took like an hour to put it back on, I feel completely tortured...

Days 5 & 6

Hey dolls! I have been MIA for a couple of days cuz I haven't been feeling well. Constant nausea and vomiting once every 24 hrs made me think is caused by pain meds so I stopped them completely - that didn't help with the nausea and vomiting but added pain into the mix :-/ Day 5 was miserable! Day 6 (yesterday) turned out to be a big day for me :) I finally did #2!! I won't go into details but omg that was an ordeal!! After it I ended up putting on my stage 1 garment reasoning only for a couple of hrs until my massage. I had my 2nd massage scheduled so I took some pain meds before it and instantly felt so much better! 2nd massage was more painful than the 1st one but at the end of it my back drain was removed! Also my massage therapist put on my stage 1 garment on me and said it actual still fits me very tight and said I should just wear it this week till I get home and then put on stage 2 at home next week! When I vomited that morning I decided to txt Dr. Salama and ask if it was normal that I'm still sick on day 6 and he told me to come to the surgery center to see him so we went after my massage....he looked at me and said all looks good and in healing up well and he wasn't sure why I still get sick other then maybe my stomach feels too sensitive to all the meds I am taking. He gave me script for a stronger anti-nausea medication. But I was relieved to hear that all looks good! Also he is so nice and kind :) also while at the surgery center I met another RS sister waiting for her surgery from North Carolina I think - I hope ur surgery went well love!! :) I took a painkiller around 11 pm and that made my night so much better! I sleep in 2-3 hrs increments now, get up to use a bathroom, drink water, walk a few min. I eat like a 3 years old lol the portions and it take me forever to chew and swallow...but I am eating!! Well, that's it for now, today is day 7 and I'm hoping it will be a good one! :)

7 days post-op pics

Took some pics this morning before shower. I am not one of the lucky girls who look great on day 3. I am still super swollen but I'm being patient and my shape already looks better than before :)

Day 8

Today was a good day! I slept in my 2nd stage garment and only woke up 4 times. In the morning when putting my garment back on I really felt like my swelling starting to subside...I even shaved my legs myself!! :) I had my 3rd massage today, my front drain was removed, and my 2nd stage garment is now closed on the 2nd row of hooks. I'm going home tomorrow, I am so ready :)

Which garment to wear on the plane??

Hey dolls! Those who traveled by air after the surgery, please advise which garment to wear on the plain: 1st stage or 2nd stage?

9 days post-op pics

I know it's only been 9 days and I am still very swollen and have a long way to go but I am already in love with my new body! This morning after shower I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe this is my body :)

Plane Ride

It was 3 hrs and I guess it wasn't bad. I wore my 2nd stage garment and I'm glad I did cuz my body is fine but my legs are still super swollen after the plane. I stood when I was permitted but the pilot kept the seat belt sign on more than half of the fight so I had to sit. I used bbl pillow under my thighs and leaned forwarded as much as I could and I rolled up soft blanket and placed it where my butt was but my butt was barely touching the blanket. I figured it is what it is and stressing about it will prob cause me to loose more fat cells. I got home late at night and in the morning after I showered I actually squeezed myself into a 3rd smaller garment! It feels soooo good to be back home :)

11 days post-op pics

Some pics taken this morning - still swollen, bruised, and the lines and dents are from foams. I feel like my stomach was flatter 2 days ago...

13 days post-op pics

I am 13 days post-op today. I had rough first 6 days but overall I think I am recovering very well. I am still swollen and but it is subsiding more and more each day.

I was sent home in medium 1st stage garment. On day 3 was put into xl stage 2 garment. Day 10 I squeezed into large and this morning day 13 I'm in a medium garment.

My measurements 1 day pre-op: 37x29x36

My measurements 8 days post-op: 37x27.5x40

My measurements 13 days post-op: 36x27x39.5

This recovery is a very slow process but I am being very patient and so far I am very happy with my results! I do have 1 flat spot on my left cheek which I am hoping will resolve itself when my butt drops and fluffs so I'm not stressing over it right now. Overall when I look at my body which is only probably 50% of what it will look like I cannot believe this is my body - I love it!! :)

2 weeks and 2 days

I started using boards yesterday (front and back). Need few days getting used 2, front one especially.

Also, I fell like my upper back is not getting enough compression, does anyone have any suggestions? I thought about inserting piece of foam but hesitating since they didn't tell us to do so for upper back.

I'm very exited cuz I shrunk another inch in my waist!! I really didn't think it could get smaller than 27 cuz my rib cage is so wide but it did - my waist is 26 this morning!! :) of course I also shrunk another half an inch in my butt but that's okay...

Abdominal Board

I don't like this abdominal board! It is so wide and I feel like it is creating space right in the middle of my stomach and I'm not getting enough compression now in that area. Can someone please share with me if I'm wearing it wrong or has anyone found a better way of wearing it?

3 weeks post-op

I am 3 weeks post-op (yesterday) and I have been recovering nicely I think.

I am still swollen but it is slowly subsiding. My pre-op weight was 118 and today I'm 119.5 but I know I lost some weight during first 10 days so I think I still have about 8-10 lbs of water in me.

I have been getting manual lymphatic drainage massages twice a week.

I haven't attempted to drive yet...

I'm in garment #5 (2nd stage size small) and I ordered size xs which I will need by this weekend as I already hooked this one on the 2nd row of hooks this morning.

My waist shrunk another half an inch and is now 25.5!! and my hips/butt still 39!! My waist was 29 and hips/butt was 36 pre-op. So that's 3.5 inches less in my waist and 3 inches more in my hips/butt - makes huge difference in my body :)

Posting some new pics, ignore lines from boards and foam. Speaking of boards, I haven't been using the 1 provided by Dr. Salama office. I have been using pear shape short torso abdominal board which fit me perfectly!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I didn’t meet Dr. Salama until the morning of my surgery and the moment I saw him I got a warm feeling and I knew he was the best doctor for me. My initial feeling was not wrong! Dr. Salama is wonderful, kind, professional, warm, and funny. He made me feel relaxed and also made me laugh. He was very thorough and detailed at explaining everything and he listened to everything I had to say and answered every question that I had. Since I am only 1-day post-op it is too soon to see any real results but I absolutely trust Dr.Salama skills and I have no doubt that he sculpted me the best my body could be sculpted. I am so happy I chose Dr. Salama as my surgeon. Thank you Dr. Salama and to the rest of your stuff!

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