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Hi Realselfers, I'm about to have rhinoplasty...

Hi Realselfers,

I'm about to have rhinoplasty tomorrow and I'm getting really nervous. I never really hated my nose- its not super beautiful- but its almost straight, not too droopy, just slightly too long. The reason why I'm getting this done is the breathing difficulties that I have when laying on my back. I'm getting only local anesthesia, and my surgeon says it's not going to be a major operation, as I really don't want anything dramatic, just a tiny refinement. Please wish me luck!!!

Oh, damn!

I woke up today, on the day of the scheduled surgery with a congested, running nose and other mild cold symptoms... I almost started crying. I called my surgeon to inform her, and she said she is NOT operating, this is not something life-threatening, so I can and should wait until I'm compleatly fine and healthy.

This is what she had planned to do cosmetic-wise. I'd be very happy with this result!

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