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I bought 100% TCA from America through eBay, ive...

I bought 100% TCA from America through eBay, ive got skin thats porous, some acne, darke pigmentation down one cheek, a scar high on that cheekbone. the pigmentation is the skin over compensating for the lack of melonin protection from the sun.

..Ive had some thickening in this area as well.. where the pigment has showed though. Ive also had some bccs, which Ive used herbal treatments on and they have gone now. Ive seen a cancer specialist and they told methat he hyperpigmentation on the cheek was due to the scar..and the skin reacting to sun.

Ive just used one application yesterday of TCA peel... i mixed at 25%. I left it on for about five minutes. Initially there was burning, but when i took the TCA off, there wasnt much redness to be seen at all. This was 24 hours ago. My face is tingling and sensitive but no redness to speak of at all. I know its too soon to tell if there is going to be any peeling. If there isnt goign to be peeling i want to try again in two weeks, increasing the TCA just a tiny amount. When i applied it yesterday i only went over my face the once with it. Should i have gone over more than once? reading the posts here, it seems like Im under reacting, and that i wont get any results from yesterdays treatment. What do you suggest if i dont peel? To look at my face now you wouldnt know i had even had it done. I dont have any photos for you. there is nothing to see.

Well, ive used the peel a second time, this time a...

well, ive used the peel a second time, this time a bit more concentrated . The result was more burn, not too much and probably not quite enough action on my forehead. it took about two weeks to complete the treatment. the result was good. now im about to do it again, this time using more solution on my forehead. ive not had any problems with the healing process at all. very pleased .
What did make a differenceto the discomfort of applying the peel was using two hand held fans on my face. it was made more bearable that way.
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i was quite happy with my distributor... i have no assessment to make on the end results yet.

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