Pulsed Dye Laser to Reduce Tummy Tuck/belly Button Scar - Australia

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I have had 2 sessions of pulsed dye laser...

I have had 2 sessions of pulsed dye laser treatment to reduce a tummy tuck and belly button scar that is 6 months old. My scars were hypertrophic at 6 months and the scar across the belly was still vascular. I am of slim build and my tummy tuck is very tight with not much skin removed.

After the first treatment the vascular nature of the horizontal belly button scar was reduced and the scar darkened to resembled the scar over the hips. The scar appeared to be slightly raised and more prominent to the touch. There was no change to the raised scarring and hyperpigmentation around and in the belly button.

The clinic recommends 10 treatments. My cosmetic surgeon reduced the rates to $150 per session due to the unsatisfactory scarring.

I did 8 sessions pf pulsed dye laser on my scar...

I did 8 sessions pf pulsed dye laser on my scar and it had no impact on colour or texture of scar. Injections in the scar gave the best result but widened and thinned the scar. I don't mind the scar but my surgeon is revising a small part of the scar in two days time to improve it's appearance. If that is successful he will work on more of the scar. Scar improvement is trial and error.

Dr Taylor

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