Retin-A Gave Me More Wrinkles & Blue Veins Under my Eyes

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I'm only 21 and i had fine lines on my...

I'm only 21 and i had fine lines on my forehead so i read up on Retin a and decided to try it to prevent aging and fix any damage i had. WORST IDEA OF MY LIFE!

I used it for 3 months at 0.5% in a cream base working up from once a week to about 3 times a week. I moisturised with spf,barely in the sun at all, waited 30 minutes after washing before i applied a pea sized amount, i eat well, dont smoke & i exercise. I did everything correctly!

I noticed fine lines developing but i assumed it was the "ugly" stage everyone had been talking about and that it'd pass. I was forced to stop because i got a bad rash on the lower part of my face from a face cream i had used only to find that those fine lines i thought were normal didn't want to shift from my face!

It has been about 6-7 weeks of not being on retin-a and if anything i may have gotten a marginal improvement! I'm trying to hold hope because i do see that the marks left from the rash are still healing. The lines that most concern me are the ones around my eyes which i didnt have before retin a. Even some on the orbital rim.

I did read a doctor respond in defense of retin a saying that it could be dynamic wrinkles around the eye and suggested botox. The lines have obviously come about by the way i smile, but the thing is.. I wouldnt have needed it if i didn't use retin a!!

So if anyone can give me any suggestions on what to do next, explain whats going on or if anyone has experienced this and pulled through, please let me know because its causing me alot of anxiety & i'd appreciate it alot :(
I also have blue veins under my eyes due to retin a aswell. Any treatments that get rid of those?

I just wanted to add that i am aware that retin a works for alot of people, it's just unfortunate that it didn't for me. Just a note for people to be careful, start slow and if you have sensitive thin skin try an alternative first!

*0.05% not 0.5%

*0.05% not 0.5%

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