Ptosis and Double Eyelid Surgery Recovery

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To correct ptosis condition and create double...

To correct ptosis condition and create double eyelids for bigger eyes (ease of eye make up application). I have never had eye surgery before so I was quite confident it will turn out. The worse that can happen is if I have to get revision surgery for the ptosis eye (just the left) and after that whether or not it will look right - the more the worse.

Is there any chance of a drooped eyelid (after ptosis correction and double eyelid surgery) to become wider again? 2 weeks after the operation date (13/10/09) both my eyes were still good. The ptosis repaired side was good too. After that it started to droop lower to almost 1/2 the size - my right eye is fine. It has been almost 6 weeks post-operation and nothing has changed from week 3. Both eyes still feel tight and stiff esp. that drooped eye + it feels weird when I look upwards and sideways. It has also developed a third crease at the top and eyelid looks a bit hollow. Is there any chance my left eye can recover its height if i give it more time? or when the swelling goes away?? -- Updated on Nov 22, 2009: It has been 6 weeks post - op and my eyelids look asymmetrical. I had left eye ptosis repair as well as upper bleph (which is performed on both). Now my left has drooped to almost 1/2 the size of my right. Is there any chance of recovery? - my eyelids are still a bit numb and tight but all the bruising is gone. The left side seems more stiffer and tighter than right though.
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