Left with Large Dent After Abdomen Liposuction - Australia

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I have a huge dent below my belly button, that is...

I have a huge dent below my belly button, that is painful. I know my body has had too much fat removed from my lower abdomen & no the upper, pushing pressure onto my lower are from the inner wall of my deeper fat. I understand enough about the shape of a women to be more happy with a realistic shape & more fat left in the lower area. I now look deformed. Who is to blame! I asked for more fat to be left than removed as i was aware of this mistake... Yet too much fat has been removed.

I am an artist & do body art. As soon as it was done the dent was very obvious & felt wrong. Sitting down is hard & i am not impressed with the outcome. What do i do? Why should i pay top dollar & then have a tummy tuck.... I made this very clear that i never wanted too much fat removed! More information should be talked about & the awareness of the errors of surgeons.

Dr drieslsma

being told you will have excess skin & needing a tummy tuck is not just the answer! We need to be told that surgeons can remove too much fat & this will leave you sad, deformed, stress & with dents... Tummy tuck was not what i asked for or wanted & now i am a mess from a surgeon leaving me with not enough fat. He took 2 litres & i would of been happy in proportion, than too slim. This was not what i asked for. Never should more be taken less is better with diet & excersise.

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