Juvederm Ultra Under Eyes for Smile Lines - Australia

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Hi everyone Well im sure you have all seen my...

Hi everyone

Well im sure you have all seen my posts - basically over the past year under my eyes have been hollowing out and when i smile my cheeks push up and create a horrible fold under my eyes.

I had been to three different surgeons who all stuck me with botox which did NOTHING but make it worse- i am only 29!

Yesterday i had my first dose of Juverderm XC with the licodaine in it - the needles when they went in hurt but then i couldnt feel the 'whoosh' of filler so that was nice - although being so close to my eyes freaked me out!

I had one vial under both eyes and a small dash in a smile line and yes i do have brusing under one eye which i covered with makeup this morning - still is a bit swollen.

So i might get more filler when i get back but she didnt want to go further and inject more when i was swelling alot. I am a bit dissapointed i have to get more BUT the lines have definately softened!

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