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I had bad hair transplant surgery done in the...

I had bad hair transplant surgery done in the 1980s and 1990s. I was totally disfigured and scarred. I wore a wig for 14 years before going for corrective surgery.

I will state that DR. W has done remarkably good work on me and I am very much improved. However there has been so much damage that the naked eye still picks up the scarring and problems from the past. DR W is still working on my and thank God for him.

However this industry is corrupt and there are many disapointments. Doctors state they do repairs and patients go from one doctor to the next like musical chairs looking for the best possible outcome. There are no guarantees or refunds. The risks of surgery are always there. That should say it all. If you do not get what you expect or always want more too bad.

There are severe limitations to Hair Transplants. That being said I can recommend Dr. W because he does Know what he is doing. I only feel bad the previous doctors did so much damage to me that psychologially I have had a living hell with this and lost many years and a lot of confidence. Bald is not good but being disfigured is 100000 times worse.

The repairs Dr. W has done have been worth every penny but knowing deep down that I could never get that full head of hair is not a happy feeling. The above price is not only with doctor woods but with the other 5 doctors who did the bad surgeries.

Dr Woods

Dr W does not require a legal disclosure like the other doctors. He is the inventor of the FUE technique. His growth rate is excellent and I have no scarring from his surgeries.

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