Fraxel Repair - Effective but Worse Than They Tell You!-Australia

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I had Fraxel Repair, fairly significant. (Depth of...

I had Fraxel Repair, fairly significant. (Depth of 20-25 if that means anything to you.) The bad things that I didn't expect: It was way more painful than I was prepped for. (Not the procedure itself, which I had under anaesthesia, but the recovery was definitely 10 days of pain.) More long-lasting redness (2 weeks after, I was still slightly swollen and extremely red. The redness was way more than could be covered by any make-up. At 3-1/2 weeks, it's just starting to be able to be covered by make-up). And I got (temporary) scarring (which is resolving with cortisone shots.) The good things: it definitely has done major tightening and smoothing of my skin, like dialing the clock back 7 or 8 years. A significant, noticeable difference, and more natural looking than a facelift.

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His follow up was great - he called me every single day to check on progress. Was very reassuring when I started getting temporary scarring. If you have Fraxel Repair, be prepared, it's way more intense than other Fraxel treatments, and not something to do lightly.

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