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Breast reduction and lift (anchor) end of November...

Breast reduction and lift (anchor) end of November 2011. Been thinking about it for years and circumances finally allowed and got over my concern about the scarring. Pain was minimal compared to other surgeries I've had but was hard emotionally and seems to be a slow recovery. I guess we all have our own recovery rates.

At about 10 days I had an opening at the t junction. A stitch had poked through so the nurse removed. Had to put on betadine n bandage to keep dry. Still open two weeks later. Also had a reaction to the tape surgeon was using instead of surgical bra so had to remove and use cortisone cream . He doesn't think there's a need for surgical bra so I'm just wearing a soft cup maternity bra. I hope he's right!

5-6 weeks out I'm still not doing doing as much as I was prior to surgery due to tiredness and lack of energy which is frustrating as I'm an active person and want to get back to the gym at previous intensity. I'm asymmetric - right breast drops lower on the outer. I think this is because he didn't cut as far out as he did on the left. A small incision, not the full anchor if you know what I mean! He's said that I'll need further surgery but it's too early to know what that will entail. Hopefully it can be done under a twighlight as I don't think I could cope with going through all this again!

I've been quite teary which I think is the general anesthetic (had similar reaction in past but nowhere near as intense). I think it's also because it is an emotional process, losing a part of you, as much as I wanted them gone. Size- went from 34e to c. Though I've put on a kilo since and went up to a d within 2 weeks :( I need to lose 4 kilos which i should be able to do once I get my energy back. I'm a bit scared that they will drop though. I'm loving actually having some fullness up top for a change!

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