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WHY I GOT IT: I had Smartxide on my chest and arms...

WHY I GOT IT: I had Smartxide on my chest and arms. On my chest, despite being just 30, I have fine lines and deeper wrinkles. I also have freckles, spots, dull skin and the skin texture is/was crinkly and beginning to turn leathery. Yuck!
On my arms I have freckles, sunspots, a reddish tinge, and dull looking skin.

WHAT IT WAS LIKE: I used just numbing cream and the pain was tolerable. I would say 4 out of 10. On my arms it was more painful than my chest (he used a higher setting). Afterwards skin was like a bad sunburn and about as painful - not intolerable. The swelling went down in a day and the skin is still pink (it's day 6). Peeling began on day two or three and my chest is fully peeled but my arms are still peeling.

Sorry but I took no before photos so please don't ask for any photos.

CHEST: At first I thought it had done nothing for my chest but today ( day 6), my skin has peeled and I've noticed a definite, if not mind-blowing improvement. I'm thrilled to bits. The crinkly texture is largely gone, my skin is much smoother. The deep wrinkle rings I had have faded and are less prominent. The improvement seems to have been largest on the chest skin furthest from my neck, and least on the skin on my very upper chest.
I still want another one or two treatments to improve my skin further, particularly around where my chest joins my neck.

ARMS: My arms are still peeling and it's too early to tell whether there's been an improvement.

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