45 Year Old Trying to Loose Stomach - Australia, AU

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I had sculpsure done 8 weeks ago. I had four pads...

I had sculpsure done 8 weeks ago. I had four pads 2 on my lower abs and 2 on my upper. The procedure didn't hurt at all takes about 25 minutes. I would describe the feeling as tingling sunburn on and off. The tech put it up to the highest setting. Immediately after I noticed my stomach had fluid like swelling which lasted a week. I was able to do pilates that night and was only sore when something touched my skin and this lasted 3 weeks. I needed something to help with my stomach because no matter how much weight I lost my stomach would still be larger in proportion to the rest of me. After having two children via caesarean my stomach always sticks out. Before the children I had a stomach that went inward. I am not overweight I wear a size 6 and have deliberately kept my weight the same over the last 8 weeks so I can tell if the procedure has worked. I have lost 3 inches from my upper abs, 3 inches across my belly button and 3 inches from my lower abs. I can now fit back into clothes that I never could before my pregnancy's. Even though I am happy with the results I am hoping that I will lose more over the final 4 weeks otherwise I might go have another treatment, I still have a small muffin top but only when I sit down now. I use to have a muffin top standing and sitting. To me the procedure was definitely worth it. I will have to wait until the 12 week mark for my final check up to get the photos from the clinic I went to. Also I didn't start noticing results until the 7 week mark.
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