Nose Asymmetry and Bump on Nose 5 Months Post-op - Australia, AU

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Hi, I am 5 months post-op. I had a...

Hi, I am 5 months post-op. I had a septo-rhinoplasty + grafts. I had a hump removed and trimming back of the columella.
I am feeling very unsettled and worried about how my nose is progressing as it doesn't look right and would appreciate your feedback. I am worried about the following abnormalities and whether they will resolve themselves:
Obvious Step on the bridge of my nose : My expectations were that there would be a smooth uninterrupted line from the head of my eyebrow, alongside and the front of the bridge and down to each side of the nasal tip. This is not the case, there is a bump /step that protrudes up which is quite noticeable and doesn’t look natural. If I gently press on this area it is very firm and feels like bone. Will the step go away? What is causing this?

Unevenness on the right side: From front on you can see the right side of my nose bridge and nasal tip is wider and fuller than the left and overall doesn’t look symmetrical, my nose appears to lean off centre, and looks crooked. Will the fullness on the right side of my nose resolve and the asymmetry even out to look symmetrical? Is my nose crooked or is it uneven swelling?
In addition to that in the last week I have had redness on the right tip of my nose where it feels like a point is, maybe where the graft ends? Also I have bloody crusts up that nostril and when blowing my nose it releases yellow sometimes blood stained fluid. There is a faint odor sometimes. If I gently clean my nose with a cotton tip It also is stained with some blood.

If I need revision can this be performed earlier than 12 months as I am really bothered by it?
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