22yr Old Female, Having Lipo for the First Time. Adelaide, Australia, AU

All my life I have struggled with body image. Im...

All my life I have struggled with body image. Im not overly large for my age and height it's just certain body parts have always been an issue.
Mainly my thighs are what I'm most self conscious about, they are larger then the rest of me and I sometimes find it hard to find clothing to fit properly with out looking 'lumpy' as I put it.
I've before more and more ashamed of them since I've gotten older, I used to wear short skirts and short shorts all the time but I think it's the constant negativity in my life that I now find myself wearing baggy Jeanie pants all the time. It defiantly doesn't help when relatives constantly call me thunder thighs or names like that. When I think I'm having a good body image day they knock me back down again by asking me if my pants have shrunk or I've gotten bigger.

Don't get me wrong I've done the whole going to the gym everyday for an hour thing, I've tried clean eating, the paleo diet, minimizing my sugar intake, slimming shakes and pre workout shakes and many other things and nothing seamed to work.

Finally I decided to get liposuction done, I was very scared to even go to the consultation. I was so embarrassed to even book it I did it all by email, I couldn't even say the 'L' word (liposuction) out loud ... Even now I still have trouble. I guess it's because I realize that I'm that unhappy with my body that I need to take extreme measures and I know some people won't understand ether.

So my first consultation was amazing, the surgeon was lovely to talk to and he showed me where he would preform the surgery if I went though with it and how long it would take.
He said that the reason why my thighs hadn't changed shape is because it was hereditary (thanks nonna) and even though I was loosing weight the shape of my thighs would always stay the same.

On my second consultation we discussed the garments to be warn and post op. This made me feel more at ease with the procedure.

Then that's was it, I was all booked in and ready to go!

I wanted to keep the number if people who knew to a minimum. So I've only told 3 people!
My boyfriend, who doesn't think I need it done but he said he would support me if that's what would make me happy. I told
My boss, who was so excited for me! She keeps asking my questions about the surgery.
My best friend, who tried to scare me and talk me out of it but nothing could change my mind now. Although she supports my decision she still thinks it's unnecessary.

I won't be telling anyone else, especially my family. They just won't understand the reasoning behind it and they will just say it's a waist of money.

6 days to go until surgery and I'm so excited!

Sorry for the long post I just needed to tell someone, anyone about this. I don't even mind if no one reads this. It just makes me feel better about it and it feels more real to me.

24 hours

So it exactly 24 hours until surgery, I'm really excited because I've been waiting for this day for a while now. Although I know it will take time to see the end results I can't wait to have it done.
I've read many people's experiences about the pain and what it's like but it will be good to share my experience with you all as well.
I have just over a week off work so I'm hoping that will be enough. I work a lot with my hands and it can be quite demanding at times (I'm a beauty therapist). My boss has made sure the week I come back isn't too full on which will be good. Who knows what I'm going to feel like afterwards, everyone's experience is different.


So these are my before photos, sorry they are not really good I had to take them myself and my boyfriends at work.
I was very hesitant to put them up because I really don't like my thighs at all but hopefully these pics will be helpful for other people :)

Today's the day!

So today's the day! I'm really excited but also a little scared. Didn't get much sleep last night though, kept thinking about the procedure.
I've never had any kind of surgery or been under anesthetic before, so I think that's what's worrying me the most.
I will let you all know how I went afterwards :)

Post op!

So it's need a few hours post op, still at the day surgary place.
I woke up really cold and couldn't stop shivering.
From 1-10 my pain was about a 7 but that's because I couldn't stop shivering. The worst part for me so far was getting dressed and trying to move from the bed to the recliner chairs ... Clothes are not my friend at the moment lol
Walking was hard, because I had been lying down for so long.

All I remember about the procedure was laying down and feeling sleepy and then I woke up. Not as scary as I thought.

My pain now is about a 1-2 depending on how much I move. Still feeling a bit dizzy but not too bad.

Day 1 post op

So it's day 1 of post op recovery. I didn't sleep very well last night, the nurse' didn't put my compression garment up all the way as I was in too much pain but the garments really hurting now. I've tried pulling it up myself but it won't move as I'm too sticky from the oozing. That's alright though coz I get to have a shower soon. I defiantly recommend having two compression garments so you can wash one and wear one.

I kept waking up every 4 hours last night so I'm exhausted at the moment. Going to see if I can have a nap and then I'm going to sit up, I'm realy over lying down.

Day 3 post op

Yesterday I went back to the PS so he could have look at my dressings, making sure they were all going well. The worst part was having to take the garment off. Idk about you guys but trying to put this thing back on is horrible. So 1 doctor and two nurses later we got it back on and I'm convinced in never taking it off again! He said the nxt two days there would be more bruising and swelling but after that it's all down hill from there which I'm really excited about. I'm already kinda seeing results, my thighs are huge at the moment but a lot smoother and less lumpy then before.
My boyfriend had to go back I work today so I'm left to fend for my self. I just feel dizzy all the time and I know I'm dehydrated but no matter how much water I drink this doesn't seam to change.
I just need this whole recovery thing to be over and done with. I really just want to see results now haha

Day 4 post op

So today I swapped my compression garment for a pair of gym compression pants and OMG these are so much more comfortable then the other garment. Only down side is I have to wiggle the whole thing off to go to the bathroom but I'm in no where near as much pain as I was before. The PS said I could wear ether the medical compression garment and sports compression pants. These are just a lot lighter and easy to move in.

I've been doing a lot more walking around the house, haven't taken any pain meds at all today. I just feel really stiff and tired after walking around.

Day 5 post op

So I've finally been able to take off my compression garment with out feeling like I'm dizzy or going to faint, so I've taken some more photos for you all to have a look at (sorry they are not very good, little but blurry).
There wasn't much bruising to the front of my thighs, just more so the back. The doctor said I'm very swallow and it will take a while for my new shape to come through but I'm starting to see it change :)

19 days post op

So I have't posted in a while but that's only because not a lot has really changed.
Movement wise I'm walking much better then before, still a little bit stiff and sore when I first stand up but as I starts to walk around that goes away.
The skin on my legs is so dry and it feels so weird at the moment, so I've been rubbing moisturizer into them which is helping.
I'm a beauty therapist so I've also been massaging them as much as possible. I want to book in for a lymphatic drainage massage but it's hard to find someone good in Adelaide as we don't do them at work.
I'm still pretty swollen, some days are better then others for the swelling but you can see a massive difference already :)

3 weeks post op

Here are some more photos, it's been about 3 weeks since I've had the lipo. I'm sorry the photos are not really good but I'm defiantly seeing a difference :)

1 month later

So it's been about a month since I had my lipo done. I can't believe it's gone so fast!!!
I had a check up with my surgeon yesterday and be said all my incisions are healing really well, I just need to massage them twice a day. They don't feel raised or anything like that which is a plus. I've bought some bio oil and I've been rubbing that on them for a few days now (prior to when the surgeon told me too) and they are looking a lot better already.
The only times I'm feeling a bit stuff or tight is first thing in the morning and when I get out of the car (but only for a few mins until I walk around a bit) which is an improvement.
The bruising is about 90% gone, so my legs almost look normal again :)

6 weeks post op

Here are my photos from 6 weeks post op! I found comparing these photos to the ones I took before the surgery showed amazing results. I knew my shape was different but I didn't realize how much it had changed until I looked back at my before photos. I'm in love with my new shape, the ps said is not even half way to my final shape as there is still a bit of swelling. So I can't wait to see what it's going to look like when I'm fully healed! :D
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