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Day 1- I had the large applicator done on my lower...

Day 1- I had the large applicator done on my lower tummy. When the applicator went on it was quite a discomforting pain. On a scale of 1-10 id say the pain is around a 4. It felt like an intense pulling and pinching. I felt as though i was counting down those 6 mins when the numbness would kick in. After about ten minutes i was able to watch T.V. and play with my phone and i wasn't in any pain. I didn't feel any coolness during that time i still felt a faint pulling and numbness in my belly area.
When it was time for the applicator to come off. That was fine. However, when it was time for the nurse to start massaging my block of meat.. it was quiet uncomfortable. I was curling my toes and waiting for it to be over.
Standing up felt nauseating but wasn't too bad. My tummy felt bloated and foreign. I was able to go home by public transport. There is no bruising whats so ever. Just numbness and every time i touch my belly it stings a little. A bit uncomfortable. I was a bit constipated that night so bowel movement and pushing wasn't comfortable with the stomach being sore and all.
Day 2-
Last night sleep was okay. I had to sleep on my back. It feels like I've just done a massive hike the day before. Stomach stings when i do touch it. So far its okay. I find it odd that they say there is no down time to this treatment.. the soreness isn't so bad but its the kind of soreness where would want to just lay or sit in bed all day and not do anything. I wouldn't want to go to work feeling like this and cant imagine exercising. I think it would be unbearable if i were to exercise considering that it is still sore whenever i jump or jiggle my belly a bit. No need for Nurofen plus or Panadol as of yet.
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