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Today I went and seen my PS, my second PS. The...

Today I went and seen my PS, my second PS. The first declined me due to a rare blood disorder I was born with. As I'm scheduled to receive a bone marrow transplant in two months I need to wait several months before I can get my reduction. I have been waiting for this for quite some time, although I'm only 23 so I haven't been waiting as long as you ladies. At present I'm 47kilos (no I don't starve myself) and I'm 5ft 1. So I'm this short little thing with size 8FF/G jugs to carry around. My ideal dream is to be a B cup although it looks like I'm going to be a large C/small D. With my frame I should only be a B cup and both plastic surgeons agree. As I have a blood disorder my surgery is somewhat risky, ill need extra blood and my family will be donating as my own is basically useless. I know the risks and understand them perfectly as I'm a 5th year medical student and soon to be doctor myself. Having spent so much time in hospitals as a child either ill or visiting my father who's a cardiologist I decided I wanted to get into medicine. I really can't wait until this is over with. I've had soooo many people tell me I'm crazy and look great although when I'm 23, can't run and know my physio's family because I regularly have back problems I figured you ladies are the only ones that get it. Plus imagine being the big
Busted doctor who when dressed looks like a porn star, not the best way to start a career. Ill post photos shortly and would love your input ladies.
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