Snoopy Breast - Developed After Lift and Implants - Australia, AU

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I initially had a breast lift and implants (210cc)...

I initially had a breast lift and implants (210cc) silicon in May 2012. I was a double D wanting to be a perky d cup. Initially very happy with the procedure. At around 6 months I noticed the shape of my right breast in particular and then the left begin to change. This progressively got worse as the breasts appeared to have also dropped. After getting two opinions from Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons who both agreed I had developed snoopy breast the only fix was undergo another breast lift augmentation. This corrective procedure was undertaken by the initial plastic surgeon who did my initial operation. I believe I was at fault to some degree as when I had the original operation and my surgeon drew on my breast to indicate where the nipple would sit I was quite shocked how high the nipple sat - I was very nervous that the nipples would sit unusually high as this is what happened to a girlfriend and her nipples do look quite odd as they sit far too high on her breast - there is nothing she can do to correct this mistake. I had the corrective surgery 3 days ago and so far I am very pleased. Obviously there is still quite a bit of swelling, at this stage I am very happy where the nipples are placed and the shape of the breast is perfect. Hoping all will be well and the corrective surgery will be 100% spot on. My surgeon has assured me I will be 110% satisfied with the revised surgery. I healed very well last time so expecting minimal scaring from this operation

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