Explant .... Had Rupture on One Breast,Needed to Get Silicone out of my Body ..for Good. - Australia, AU

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I have been reading this forum for well over a...

I have been reading this forum for well over a month and all of you have helped me incredibly.
I joined only a few days ago and have had great support so thank you ladies :) If I can help even 1 person to be brave enough to cope, then I will be happy.
I am 65. Have had two kids prior to first implants. I had implants in 1975 when I was 25. I had these for 28 years, They were a problem from the start, kept getting hard and had to be squeezed to pop the capsule on more than one occasion...one side ( right) finally burst in 2002, the pain was excruciating. I only weighed about 47 kilos then ( 160cms tall) and was so thin ,that I had new implants put in ,because it was obvious that I would have no breast tissue left at that time. I had a fantastic surgeon and have /had been very happy with the result.
Back in August I went to the docs for a pap smear and she said oh when did you last have a mammogram, I replied never as I didn't want squash these babies ! She sent me for an ultra sound and then the fun began, showed the right one to be ruptured and leaking, even though it didn't show, it had felt a bit sore but I hadn't taken any notice. From there I had to have an MRI that clearly showed the problem.
I decided to get rid of them for good. I had breast tissue now as I had put weight on and am now 55 kilos. No probs with the left one, simple removal all good. The right one looks weird still, though I am hopeful that it will look similar to the left one in the end.
I had a capsulectomy on the right one and a drain , that was in for 3 days.I was able to shower on the 5th day !!! I am in a sports bra 24/7, for the next 6 weeks and my activities have been curtailed severely...I am an active person ,so taking it easy is not in my nature. I'm a bit short on patience too lol but I will do as I am told for the best results that I can get.
Now at day 7 post op and brave enough to put up some photos.( I don't have a before pic, they were great 12dd, soft and natural...well as natural as a BI can be :) )
The creasing seems to go down daily on the right one, it's still swollen & bruised though and I know I need to have patience. Back to my docs again next week.
To all you ladies that have answered me in the last few days , I thank you for your time.
Power to us all :)

Day 8

Well it's 8 days since the explant...
I am so glad that it's done. I found a photo of 'before', taken maybe 10 months ago...they looked great ! Ah well ,now they don't :( but at least I won't have that crap in my body any more. I took side photos today ( hard to do on your own ! ) You can see the really bad bruising on the right side, no wonder it's still swollen ,but it's soft -er now and is getting smaller, so I am hoping it will flatten down a bit and drop to look the same as the lil' one on the left ! It still has a crease but I think not as noticeable as day 4/5/6/7 ...It takes time. I have been out a couple of times and am trying to stand tall, at first I was walking hunched over ,but I feel better to just stand and walk properly/normally...no one has noticed ( or even cares ! )
May leave it for a few days now ...so hope you are all going ok :)

12 day update :(

Well had my 12 days appt with the doc today . I took a list of questions. The good news is that I don't have fluid that needs draining or a haematoma, so no aspiration needed...but...I have to keep firm compression/sports bras on for another 5 weeks....he says he can't give any guarantees, I know that, but I said would it look like the other one, he said no, not the same...I said will it be similar then, he said probably, he has no crystal ball !
So I'm home now, tired and a bit grumpy, there's hasn't been much change in the right one in the last few days, it is a little softer and a little smaller, so I will have to still take it easy for another 5 weeks..and hope that it will continue to improve.....I know I have take it easy,but it's driving me nuts !! Heat/cold and massage wont affect it he said , compression is the best thing.
I asked if I could walk again and he said I could ,but have to 'strap them down' also he said it could irritate the right one, too much jiggling = swelling/fluid, so it's probably a risk that I am not prepared to take.
I'll be so unfit at the end of all this,I will have to start all over again :(
Sorry, my usual upbeat vibe has departed for today, maybe better tomorrow after a good rest tonight . I'll be ready to burn all the sports bras at the end .... maybe I'll just swing free lol !!! ;)
No photos until I see a difference. .I'm still not sorry I had them removed :)
Thanks to you all for your support ...

4 week update

Well it's been 4 weeks today...i have stopped taking photos, as not much change and it's too depressing. Right one is still swollen and mis-shapen, though it is softer, so maybe just maybe, it will recover ok....I had an Ultra sound a few days ago ,there is fluid in the right one. They measured it and the volume of fluid is approx 48mls, I thought it would be aspirated, but we are waiting for 2 more weeks, to see if fluid reduces, I will have another ultra sound then....I'm still using compression atm and I am so over this 24/7 tight support bra. I have taken it off for about an hour a day , these last few days and it feels like heaven lol
All in all I am still glad that I had the implants removed and am still hoping for an aesthetically pleasing ( to me ! ) final result. Thank s again to all the wonderful women on here who have been a great support. Merry Christmas to you all and a Fabulous 2016 to us all :)

Approx 14 weeks update

I still have a crease on the right one , have an appt in early April final check up. I am going to ask about fat transfer for the crease only. Anyone had a fat transfer done ? Can they do it in PS rooms, without having to go into surgery ? and does it hurt lol !! ??
I have learnt to live and like my small boobs now am at 3 and a bit months .
I went down from a 12DD to a 12B...
Still happy that I explanted, I reckon the righty will come good in it's own time :)
Thanks to all who posted their experiences here, you helped me a lot :)
Dr John Doe

My surgeon is fantastic and I have every faith in him. I am not however in the USA. I prefer not to give his name at this time, it's of no help to anyone in the USA...If anyone is in Australia and needs to know, please pvt msg me , I will be happy to give you the info :)

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