Breast Augmentation - Beware I Got Cancer from It BIA-ALCL. Australia, AU

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I had breast Augmentation in 2004 with textured...

I had breast Augmentation in 2004 with textured implants. It was very uneventful and eveyrthing went well. Until in 2010 I had excess fluid on my right breast. I had it drained and tested and my PS said everything was all ok and nothing to do with the implants. In December 2015 I had swelling in my right breast again and was sick for many months. I had it drained and tested and came back positive with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) of the right breast. I was told I had to have the implants removed immediately, they removed the implants, the capsule and all the scar tissue. Had I known that implants could cause cancer I would never have had it done.
Please beware ladies before considering putting these toxic bags into your body. I hear so many stories of women that are very sick because of them. Please do your research before jumping in and doing this. Some women have died because of it.
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