Scabs Caused by IPL on my Face for Freckles

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I IPL twice for freckles on my face. The first...

I IPL twice for freckles on my face. The first treatment worked like a text book case where the freckles went dark and then went away.

The second time, the operator increased the energy (telling me after the treatment) in which I developed lots of scabs. Now the scabs are gone, I am left with purple tissue under my eyes.

I had IPL twice on my face for freckles. The first IPL session worked like a text book case. The second IPL session didnt go so well. Lots of scabs appeared on my face after the treatment. Most of them healed except for the areas under each eye where the tissue is now a purple colour.(Under one eye a blister appeared straight after IPL and under the other eye a scab ripped off too early)3 months after the second IPL treatment, I went to see a dermatologist (who didnt do the offending IPL) who suggested I wait until 6 months is up and then go from there. He suggested I might have to have IPL for the purple skin tissue. (He actually wasnt sure if it was pigment or vascular) My question is: Is it suitable to have IPL treatment for IPL burns? Are there any other options as I am quite miserable being left with dark eye circles?
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