Vi Peel - I Know I Wasn't Supposed to Peel off the Dead Skin...I'm a Picker

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I'm 45 and am a sun lover. I have olive skin...

I'm 45 and am a sun lover. I have olive skin (korean/american). Been on everything you can think of to help my complextion. My appointment that day was for artefill and while I was there I asked if she could do anything for my break outs. My pores seemed clogged and I felt like I needed something, so she suggested vi peel. Here are the steps.

Day 1- Went on smooth, no pain, but face was red. Went home face was stinging and turning really red. Waited about 3 1/2 hours vs the 4 hours and lightly rinsed off my face. Face began to get tighter and tighter and stung like hell. Used the pad at night as directions said. It Burned....

Day 2 - Next morning woke up and my face was really swollen and every spot on my face looked like it was magnified x1000. Very brown and started to peel. Still on 2nd day and of course I couldn't resist but help it peel. Big long strips came of easisly. Face was so pink and sunburned looking. I was scared! Used the 2nd pad as directed...burn,burn, burn.

Day 3 - I got in the shower and rubbed the dead skin off my face. It felt and looked so good.......for about a minute and then my face was tight, red and was in a LOT of stinging pain. I tried using the moisturizer and FORGET it!!! I couldn't rinse it off fast enough. burn,burn,burn.

Day 4 - I looked like a burn victim and it was not pretty. Still stinging,itching and swollen.

Day 5 - Looking better and I can see my skin looks good. Still pink, burns and stings, but looks better.

Day 6 - tbc

Day 7 - tbc I have a date so I hope it's good.

Maria Strickland

I have had many procedures done and I will always use her. I used her for botox and then used my Dermatoligist Doctor for Botox the next round. The derm doc injected me and it didn't work at all, he did it again at no charge and it still didn't work and the 3rd time it worked but not a lot. Maria did it once and it worked great so I went back to her the next round and it worked great again. Don't know why it didn't work with the Doc, but it didn't.

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