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I decided to have Zoom to try to get my already...

I decided to have Zoom to try to get my already pretty white teeth sparkling white. I didn't have a lot of stain, they were just not sparkling and I thought they could be better. I went in at noon for my Zoom and they prepped me which included putting a gel around my gums and a ton of cotton in my mouth to protect the inside of my mouth from the light. During all of this, I had this thing in my mouth to keep it open. Pretty uncomfortable. After the prep, the technician put the light up to my teeth and I sat there for 15 minutes. After 15 mins she came back and wiped the gel off, reapplied and put my teeth back up against the light. This was repeated 3 times. I was too uncomfortable to go the fourth time. No sensitivity or zingers during any of this adn I was really glad to have the stuff taken out of my mouth after the 3rd go round. My teeth were sparkling white and I was happy when I left the office. I had taken 2 alleve before the procedure and then took 2 more right after. I should have been taking ibuprofen becuase the Alleve ended up causing a stomach ache..guess I took too much. About 3 hours after the procedure, my teeth REALLY started to increase in sensitivity. It was pretty brutal actually and I was regretting having the procedure done at all. My gums ached and my teeth hurt...is that possible? Apparently so. And my stomach was upset from the alleve. Basically, I would say that if you have it done, count on a pretty uncomfortable night and go to bed early. I would also have it done later in the day if possible. Wake up with a little sensititivy but not too bad. And then it's worth it. My teeth are whiter and I'm glad now to have done it. I don't think I'll do it again, though. I would say that if you are just trying to get your teeth a little whiter, not worth it. If you have alot of staining and/or yellow teeth, then worth it. Just be prepared for the pain after. Way worse than other cosmetic procedures (botox or fillers) that I've had in the past.

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My doctor was good, it's just the procedure that was uncomfortable.

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