38, 2 C-sections, Diastatis. TT with MR and Hernia - Austin, TX

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I finally did it today! Surprisingly I was not...

I finally did it today! Surprisingly I was not nervous and calm the whole time.
First before you read any further, I am on lots of drugs, so sorry about typos.

I am 38, have a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Both big babies. I am 5 feet and 118 pounds, and spend lots of time working out. While pregnant with my first I developed diastatis. With my second. I carried him all in front, and I knew it would be bad. I had sever diastatis and a hernia, not to mention loose skin and stretch marks.

I finally pulled the trigger and booked my surgery with a fabulous Doctor. Today I went in 5:45am and surgery started at 7. Last thing I remember was saying to the anesthesiologist was "did you put something in there yet!" She just smiled and that was it. Next thing I know I was in recovery taking nonsense and drinking water. I had lots of pain in the abs. He said my separation was really bad, 4cm, which caused me to look about 4 months pregnant all the time. They gave me a Valium and sent me home. The car ride was pretty bad, a combination of sitting upright, and some
Dizzy and pain. I was very happy to be home. I got in my recliner, had a smoothie, took some meds and passed out for awhile. I feel pretty good. I've walked to the bathroom at least 6 times to pee. And I've only had one moment where my abs really tensed up. Here are some pre-op photos to start with!
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