24 YO - Inner and Outer Thighs WORTH IT!!

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I wanted to post my experience as there does not...

I wanted to post my experience as there does not seem to be a lot of younger posts for thighs.

For reference I am 5'2 -125 pounds but have ALWAYS carried weight in my legs. I grew up playing soccer and even when I was at my skinniest 115 I still did not have the legs I wanted.

I will post pictures later, but I wanted to ask people what their recovery looked like? I'm expecting to be sore for 2-3 weeks but when did you start working out again? What was your brusing like? Since I am young and in good health I'm thinking my recovery should be fairly easy.

Pre-op Appointment

Everything went great, a little nervous but I'm expecting everything should go well. I decided to do just inner/outer thighs

Today's the day!!!

Had my procedure done this morning at 8:00am. I was brought in, asked to chance into some garments and then Dr drew his lines on inner and outer thighs.

The next part was not so easy for me. I have a very low pain tolerance.... and when they were injecting the numbing agent into my inner thighs I had to have a couple rounds of pain meds put in as well as asked them to stop a couple times. The outer thighs were a breeze and I mostly slept through the rest of the procedure.

The assistants were very nice and made sure I had a place to lye down and sleep as my ride was about 30 mins late.

The rest of today I've just been sleeping on and off. No nausea from the meds and very little drainage. I was experiencing much more pain on my out right thigh, but that has gone away now.

I'll update with pictures soon :)

Day 2

So I'm now 2 days post op and feeling very very sore!! I'm so very bruised, I thought the bruising would come later on so I'm a little shocked but also maybe this means it will go away sooner??

Happy with the results so far. I can tell an immediate difference in my thighs. I'm a little worried about the unevenness and random bumps but hopefully this will all even our after swelling and more compression.

The nurse said he took almost 4,000 cc's which equates to almost 4 liters!!!

Day 9

I had my post op appointment yesterday and the Dr said everyone looks good. My bruising is really bad so I'm getting a laser treatment on Monday to help the bruises go away faster. Anyone have any experience with that?

I still have some numbness in my thighs which is apparently normal but I'm ready for it to go away. Getting around is a little easier but still painful...Just ready to feel like my old self again. Also it's getting hot here in Texas and I miss wearing shorts lol

2 weeks post

I'm feeling much better except for that my muscles are really really tight. I tried to do a yoga class and had to leave. Other than that my swelling and bruising has gone down tremendously! I think my brushing should be completely gone by 18 days.

It does feel strange when I run and I'm hoping that goes away after another week or so. Overall I'm very happy with the results

5 weeks post - Lymphatic massage

Finally feeling back to normal! It's a little weird touching my legs and not feeling the fat but I'm getting used to it. I've also had 3 of the lymphatic drainage massages the Dr recommended and I don't quite know how much those actually helped.

My inner thigh muscles are still pretty tight so I'm getting a massage with Myofascial Release worked in and hopefully this does the trick

PreOp Pics WOW!

I'm so happy with my results, I went back for my 6 week check up and got the Dr's office to send my before pictures. I'd honeslty forgotten what my legs loooked like before, such a difference!
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