24 YO - Inner and Outer Thighs

I wanted to post my experience as there does not...

I wanted to post my experience as there does not seem to be a lot of younger posts for thighs.

For reference I am 5'2 -125 pounds but have ALWAYS carried weight in my legs. I grew up playing soccer and even when I was at my skinniest 115 I still did not have the legs I wanted.

I will post pictures later, but I wanted to ask people what their recovery looked like? I'm expecting to be sore for 2-3 weeks but when did you start working out again? What was your brusing like? Since I am young and in good health I'm thinking my recovery should be fairly easy.

Pre-op Appointment

Everything went great, a little nervous but I'm expecting everything should go well. I decided to do just inner/outer thighs
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