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I'm a newly 27 year old who is/was very In secure...

I'm a newly 27 year old who is/was very In secure about my nasolabial folds for years now. Of course everyone says, "I'm crazy", but it was something that just really bothered me. I've literally cried myself to sleep after looking in the mirror and hating the way I look. Besides finances of course, I'll held back from the procedure because I'm terrified of needles and any possible side effects (if any). Dr. Hanson made me feel so comfortable. As I waited in the room for her, I contemplated canceling it all together. Once she walked in the door, a breeze of comfort came upon me. She's so down to earth, outgoing and upbeat. I'm so glad I chose her office. Furthermore, her staff is beyond friendly, comforting and helpful as well. They were VERY patient with my hundreds of questions and concerns.

The Process

I found to process to be surprising painless with the numbing cream and the results were there immediately. I was warned that bruising and swelling were possible side effects, but I didn't experience either. I had a odd tinglely sensation in the area for a few days, that's it. For me, there was no recover time or need to cover effects with makeup for the first couple days (as some have had to do). I did notice a change in my left side a short few weeks later and went back to the dr. She inserted the rest in my cheeks to prevent gravity from pushing my cheeks back down.

Returned For More but...

I absolutely loved my results the first 2 weeks, but afterward my nasolabial folds seemed less filled. I compared pictures and they in fact looked as though the results were already wearing off (with confirmation of my assessment from a freind). I returned to the doctor and she stated that the swelling could be why it appeared the way it did the first two weeks. The look now is the result after the swelling subsided. My insecurities led me to purchase another syringe.

However, here I am a few days post and it's the same! I mean, definitely an improvement from the original, but the second syringe didn't do anything! I've seen before and after pictures of people who have had two syringes and mine looks nothing like that. I should have no visible lines in that area after 2 syringes.

I also had some injected in my lips. Again, I LOVED the way they looked during the "swell" period, but less than a week later, my lips looks the same! I wonder if my body is metabolizing the Juvederm differently or something? I hate that the results are not staying. I was informed by the doctor (and real self of course!) that the lips would look much different after the swelling went down, but they look the same as they did before the Juvederm! Ugh. I'm getting frustrated.

Yeaterday I woke up with a sensation that the left side of my face was swollen and a weird metallic taste in my mouth with a burning/sore sensation on the left side of my tongue towards the back. I immediately jumped out of bed to look in the mirror. To my relief, my face was not swollen. However, when I felt around my jaw and my high cheekbone area where I felt the swollen sensation, it did feel tender. I ended up finding a lump under my eye/high cheek bone. The weird thing is, I did not have Juvederm injected in either of those areas [or near them]. I called my doctor and she got me in that day to check it out. She didn't feel as though it was related to the Juvederm. Oddly, I woke up today with two more of those bumps around the left nasolabial fold area. These aren't tender, but I can feel them and see these visually in the mirror. It's making my left cheek appear droopy. I don't know what the heck it could be from. I highly suspect the Juvederm, but I don't know. Anyone else have similar results?

Oh! And I did have 20 units of botox placed on eleven lines and 4 on my chin.

It Was Swelling

Now a regular Juvederm user, I learned my lips were in fact getting larger. The big lips I loved was just swelling. I've had more injected and maintain the fullness they're at now. Also, the tingling was unrelated. I LOVE LOVE LOVE juvederm for my lips and and fine lines! 100% worth it.
Austin Dermatologist

She's so down to earth, outgoing and upbeat. She exactly what I'd expect or like to experience in all doctors I see! I'm so glad I chose her office. Furthermore, her staff is beyond friendly, comforting and helpful as well. They were VERY patient with my hundreds of questions and concerns.

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