Hyper Pigmentation, Sun Damage

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Got my Halo treatment on Friday to lessen the...

Got my Halo treatment on Friday to lessen the hyper pigmentation on my cheekbones and sun damage from years of beachgoing (grew up in Southern California). The treatment itself wasn't too bad. They rubbed my face with numbing cream, waited for it to take effect, then did the Halo, which had a fan blowing to minimize the burning sensation. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, and it just felt like hot needle pricks. Towards the end, though, my skin was feeling more raw and sensitive but still wasn't too bad. After it was over, it started to burn. My face felt stiff, and I had a hard time making any facial expressions. They lubed up my face with greasy moisturizer and sunscreen. The more time passed, the worse the burn felt. The receptionist told me I didn't look too bad, probably because of my olive complexion. She's fair-skinned and said she was bright red afterwards. The burn was getting worse, and the 10 minute drive home was felt like an hour. I had the a/c on and put my face by the vent at each stop. They told me the burn would be at its worst 2 hours post-Halo. They were right. The burning sensation decreased significantly, and my face just felt very sunburned and sensitive. Close-up, I had millions of tiny brown dots all over my face. My problem areas were darkest. I thought that if this was the worst, recovery would be a breeze.


I am too swollen to leave the house. She went very aggressive on my problem areas (upper cheeks, below the eyes, especially right side), and as a result I woke up yesterday and today with my eyes nearly swollen shut. I'll be sure to sleep upright tonight and probably will work from home tomorrow.

Sorry, I'm not comfortable uploading pics of my face. I must not be that bad. My normally observant kids have only commented that my skin looks wet. My husband says I'm slightly swollen. I think it's bad...my cheeks are so swollen that my nose and eyes look tiny. Can't tell yet how my skin's responding. It went from mostly brown yesterday to more pink today. It's also very itchy.
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