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I thought long and hard before having Blephro on...

I thought long and hard before having Blephro on my upper eyelid and finally made the decision it was something I really wanted. I had an eye lid injury 10 years ago so my right eye was droopier and puffier than my left. That was the driving force behind wanting the procedure. I had the procedure done 8 days ago and I have been surprised how well I have been healing but I am not yet thrilled with the results. I am not certain I like the shape of my eye and unfortunately they are not even.

2 week mark

I have hit the 2 week mark today. What I notice is that my scar line is very hard, and tight. I went to the doc about a week ago and he agreed that the left eye had a stitch that was pulling up tight on one spot, he said it was a dissolvable stitch that needed to dissolve but I am not sure it will matter since it has healed in that shape. I guess it is a wait and see. I also noticed I may have overdone it yesterday with too much activity and today they feel a bit more swollen. I also feel tired even when I am not- like I have a heavy lid. I did not expect to be numb under the scar and I hope that feeling will come back. It is an odd sensation. I will post more pictures in a couple weeks. I am really hoping the shape shifts a little back to what it was before. I realize I never posted a before pic so here is one as well.

with make up

I thought I would go ahead and ad this- I had an event I had to attend - this was day 10 (I cheated) and had mascara and eyebrow pencil on but no other eye make up.
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I will review my doc after I am completely done healing and see how I feel about it all! What I do like a lot is the Vitamedica they had me taking before and after- I think it is the main reason I have healed so quickly with very little bruising!

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