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I'm a happy an upbeat person, but you'd never know...

I'm a happy an upbeat person, but you'd never know that by only looking at me. My eyes made me look tired and angry. After the physician who did my botox told me that botox could only accomplish so much and that upper eyelid surgery would be a great option, I began investigating. The physician who recommended the procedure does not perform surgery, so I consulted with several other physicians between Austin and Chicago. I was very hesitant to have a procedure that might really change my natural look, but after much research and several consultations, I decided to have the surgery with Dr. Louis Apostolakis in Austin, Tx. I'm thrilled with the natural looking results. My eyes now help reveal my true emotions. The surgery itself was a quick and easy. I didn't really experience pain, just a sort of irritating or uncomfortable sensation until the stiches came out. Upper eyelid surgery is such a tolerable procedure. Find the right plastic surgeon (Dr. Apostolakis in Austin) and don't hesitate. You'll be happy with the results, and your eyes will actually truly reflect your happiness.
Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

I consulted with several plastic surgeons in Austin and Chicago (I live between the two cities) before deciding on Dr. Apostolakis for my recent upper blephoraplasty. I was impressed when Dr. Apostolakis explained that he likes to take a more natural looking approach with his pateints. I did not want to look "done" or not like myself. One top occular plastic surgeon in Austin advised me to have an browlift, a laser procedure and fillers, even after I explained a wanted a more conservative and natural looking approach. The other occular plastic surgeon I consulted with in Austin did not instill a strong sense of confidence, particularly after I saw several before and after photos of his patients. Dr. Apostolakis was professional, confident without being arrogant, and honest with his recommendations. He seems to really recommend what is in the patient's best interest. In addition, Dr. Apostolakis's staff is truly wonderful. The entire team made me feel comfortable, welcome, and truly at ease from the minute I walked into the office for the consultation, throughout the entire procedure, and during every follow up visit. This was such a welcome change after I had been to other offices where the staff were often cold and unapproachable. I highly recommend Dr. Apostolakis. He is a talented surgeon with a great staff!

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