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So I have been researching like crazy and still am...

So I have been researching like crazy and still am obviously. I have had 2 consultations at 2 different locations. 1st consultation was quick and an easy convincing of how, "whatever is pinched basically it's the far that melts away" her exact words. I scheduled my appointment and was quoted $2400 for large applicator on tummy and 2 small for love handles.

Still in my researching mode Idecided to see if any place could give me a better price and also wanted to hear what others had to say before gong all in at the one place.

Second place I called was running a special so quoting me $2700 for inner thighs, love handles and tummy. I love the deal and make the appointment and cancel my first place. Mind you she quoted me $3700 for those areas but I told her I was told over the phone they were running a special and it should be this amount. She quickly acted in ignorance, apologized and quoted me $2700.

I do have to say the entire time she was giving me all sorts of warnings of how it may not work as expected and what exactly was my end result goal and I should consider liposuction. So then I'm thinking we'll shoot are they trying to get more money out of me? That procedure was about A$6500 for all three areas. After obsessing over whether I'm making the right decision I cancelled this appointment as well. Maybe without saying it, the doctor was trying to warn me that this procedure it's not as effective as they say. Thank you to all of you who have posted your experience. I'm going to hold onto my $2700.

On the table now. 10 minutes in. For me no pain...

On the table now. 10 minutes in. For me no pain but felt weird. Large applicator on my tummy. I'm doing 2 small on flanks and 2 inner thigh after this. She said I got a good grab on my tummy so should get good results.

After much back and forth going on in my head

  • 30 Apr 2013 
  • On day of treatment

After much back and forth going on in my head on which procedure was going to be the best for me I decided to bite the bullet and go with coolsculpting. I am 5'0, 125 lbs. I just want to fit back into my jeans that are now fitting too snug, I'm not worried about my scale and know I may not lose any weight. I currently eat healthy and exercise 2-3 days a week. An invasive approach is not something I could do so I went with coolsculpting, after much research I have read this procedure has not worked for some people so I went in hopeful but realistic as well. I also am going in realizing one procedure may not be enough and I may want a second procedure in the same area if I want more results. 

That being said I did 5 procedures today, 1 large on abdomen, 2 small on flanks and 2 small inner thighs. My cost for all 5 areas was $2685, they were running a special and had a few other discounts that added up. I went in expecting the worst pain from what some people described but was willing to try it. 

I have to say the pain was minimal, uncomfortable at most. I am hours from my first procedure this morning and no pain still, minor soreness when touched and a bit numb but not to the point where I can't feel the area. My husband asked me how I feel and it's literally almost nothing. 

I will keep you updated on my results or any other events that are worth writing about it. So far I don't know what all the fuss was about, I guess I have a high pain tolerance but considering I didn't feel much pain at all I just don't know why some do and some don't. I will also post my before and after pics after 3 months. I really relied on this website to make my decision so I will pay it forward for those looking into this procedure as well.

Yesterday I went in for a total of 5 procedures...

  • 30 Apr 2013 
  • 1 day post

Today Im a little sore and some bruising on my flanks and inner thighs. I did work out today and actually felt like I could have hit the gym yesterday except I was lazy. I'm going to stay on my workout plans and really concentrate on drinking water. I'm not dense to think this will take the place of eating right and exercising I just want to lose those small problem areas I have. I am 5'0, 125 lbs.

Day 15:

  • 14 May 2013 
  • 15 days post

Day 15:
Areas are still mildly numb but never experienced the pain people are talking about just soreness. I have gained a few lbs but not because of the procedure but because of my own bad decisions. I started a super healthy regimen yesterday since I want to get a handle on this weight gain. Still no results (not expecting any yet) but still a little swollen I think. I have been drinking lots of water and taking a CLA supplement which I was told by the nurse would help. I actually used to take this supplement when I was super fit so I thought I would get back on it. I was at 125 lbs. when I went in for the procedure and currently at 128 lbs. my goal is to be at 120 lbs. this is my "happy" weight. Even if I do get to my happy weight I will know if this procedure worked or not seeing how these trouble spots never went away.

3 weeks after procedure already seeing results!

3 weeks post procedure and already seeing the most results on my inner thighs. I actually can't believe the difference comparing pictures. In order to keep my pictures consistent with my inner thigh photo I used the planks on my wooden floors as markers on how far to keep my legs. I wanted to make sure and have consistency so I can see the difference. I think I have improvement on my tummy and flanks but it's not as noticeable yet. They are still mildly numb. So far pleased with the procedure. I'll keep you updated up to the 3 month mark.
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