Breast Obsession 5'2, 137 Lbs (Should Be 125 Lbs)

Hoping for fuller breast (upper pole). I know that...

Hoping for fuller breast (upper pole).
I know that getting implants will make them bigger but I hope that I'm not crazy and become top heavy. Dr. Gorman recommended 300-350 cc, moderate profile, under muscle, and nipple incision. my saggy breast (aka ptosis) measured 1cm (which is mild),
Will attach wish pictures.

Today was preop

My Preop pictures today

Going to cancel Monday

After reading another RS journey that is very similar to mine, I've decided it's best to cancel my BA bc I'm already a 36DD. I thought that getting implants will fix the upper pole full that I've wanted; however, it will make me bigger which I do not want. My neck and shoulders already hurt from my Breast (I believe). If I get anything done to my breast, it will be a lift.

Tummy Tuck Revision Scheduled April 17!

Finally scheduled my revision with Dr. Newall for April 17, 2017! I'm super happy still with my tummy. I get tons of compliments on my figure and how small my waistline is. I have an hour glass figure now ;). I had an open wound last year and Dr. Newall is doing the revision as promised. I thought I could go into his office for a local anesthesia for the scar to be cut out but he said that he would need to put me under general anesthesia. He would only charge $2,500 for the anesthesia. I was still, "what???!!! $2,500?!!" Lol. He said that he would lipo and sculpt my abs some more in the process, no charge! I was like "Hell Yeah!" Lmao. Love my doctor! He is Bomb!
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Met Dr. Gorman for consult back in 2006, 10 years later, I can't stop remember how beautiful his BA that I saw in person (3 women). I tried reading reviews about him on RS but do not see a lot. So I'm going on: my gf is still happy with her BA from him, beautiful results that I actually got to see from many angles lol. I've moved back to Austin, therefore, aftercare is also a deciding factor. Love my TT doctor (Dr. Newall), but he's in Houston.

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