61 Year Old Getting Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

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I'm scheduled to have upper and lower eyelid...

I'm scheduled to have upper and lower eyelid surgery June 2nd. I have a pre-op visit scheduled for May 16th. I'm excited and a little nervous about the pain during the procedures, but I'm determined to go through with it! I love this website. I've learned so many things. You people are so generous to share your stories and your photos. It is incredibly helpful to all of us researching a procedure! I will share my experience as well.

More before photos

After surgery

Hello all. It is day 3. Due to circumstances beyond our control, in addition to recovering from upper and lower bleph surgery & upper ptosis repair, I am caring for my son's not quite 8 week old puppy. We have 2 dogs of our own and one of the, the boxer, is jealous of the new puppy so my time on the computer is limited. Anyway, I went in Friday to TOC Austin, the practice name for my surgeon Dr. Sean Blaydon. The office has it's own surgery room so the procedures were done right there. I was the second case for the morning and case 1 ran a bit over so my original start time was an hour late. Was scheduled to begin at 10 am. At 11 am, I was lead into the surgery room after changing into a gown, hospital socks, and the lovely hairnet in the first photo I believe. I layed down on the bed and the Anesthesiologist went right to work (she had introduced herself earlier & explained her plan for sedation). She inserted the needle in my hand, little prick-no pain and I went to sleep! Not general but local anesthetic! As explained earlier to me, at one point during the procedures, I was awakened just enough to follow the doctor's instructions to open my eyes, then close them, open again, and close. Then back to sleep for me! In what seemed like minutes, I was awakened and helped to sit in a recliner. My family was shown into the room and soon after that, a nurse helped me get my clothes back on and it was time to go! I was so pleased with the anesthetic! I thought I would feel the Lidocaine injections, but NO, not at all. No pain whatsoever! I also had a chemical peel applied to my face under my lower lids and top of my cheeks. That is the red on my face that you see in the photos. Also, there is purple marker still on my face below my lower lids that I am not able to get off yet. I was allowed to take a shower 24 hours after surgery. I shampooed with baby shampoo as was advised and only ran water over my eyes. So far, so good. Will post more in the next few days. Oh, and I am applying Erythromycin ointment 4 times a day for 7 days to my upper & lower stitches. I took pain pills the first 24 hours, but have not needed them since. Pain was/is minimal. Been sleeping in our recliner with puppy on my chest each night.

Day 4

Feels like a bad sunburn across my eyes. Very tight. Only hurts when I move my facial muscles around my eyes. Really not that bad considering surgery and stitches, etc. In all photos, I have the Erythromycin ointment all over my eyes. Bruises are turning yellow now.

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7


Day 9

Day 10

More day 10

Day 13

Hope to post more tomorrow.

Still some pain on upper eyelids but only when I touch them. I still have some swelling, again, mostly upper eyelids so I am not where I (hope) I will be once it heals completely. There are some bumps at the end of the upper and lower incisions that I hope go away. I will post more later. Need to get to bed now.

Question: did you have skin bumps on incisions?

I have bumps at the end of a couple of my incisions. I believe the stitches have dissolved, now there are bumps on the scaring. Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since surgery. Also I have what looks like a pinch of skin on my right eyelid and it is pulling a piece of skin taut on my inner eyelid. Will these issues resolve in time?


Here are pics of the pinch and stretched skin

Pinched skin

Another pic of the pinch

Day 24.

Thank you to those of you that posted and educated me on massaging and using a cream. As time passes and healing progresses, I am starting to be concerned about scarring. Here are photos from today.

Day 24 photos

Day 24 more photos

June 27

Austin Oculoplastic Surgeon

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