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I am going to be having smart lipo MPX on upper...

I am going to be having smart lipo MPX on upper and lower abs in Austin and I am excited and very nervous. Most reviews about my doctor that I have seen online are all really positive and have heard good things all around. Nervous about the procedure and about the bruising, pain, and swelling I've heard about. Hoping to have a great experience.

I will let everyone know how it goes. I'm very sensitive about my abdomen area and don't let anyone see it in the light, not even my husband. I am undecided about posting pictures but I might. I will definitely let everyone know how it goes.

I decided to also get my love handles done on...

I decided to also get my love handles done on Friday in addition to the u/l abs because they offered me a discounted price to add those on. I guess because it's a smaller area to do than the abdomen and they can do it simultaneously. I am getting even more nervous! I am glad I'm going to be taking anti-anxiety medications for the surgery and also because I can't believe they are going to be photographing my abdomen/love handles. It is a bit mortifying to me to have other people see my problem areas. I think the end result is going to be worth it though.

Well I had my lipo today and I feel somewhat sore...

Well I had my lipo today and I feel somewhat sore but not too bad. The surgery itself is definitely quite uncomfortable but somewhat tolerable. There are times that it hurts but not to the point of real pain or anything.
Dr. Broder was pretty nice. Glad my husband was able to drive me home because I was a little out of it.

I am definitely sore today but I was able to walk...

I am definitely sore today but I was able to walk around. I feel a little better but when I got the bandages taken off I had a ton of blood on them! It was definitely crazy. Feel a little better.

I am only a few days post op and swelling has gone...

I am only a few days post op and swelling has gone down some but still feel like I'm a few months pregnant for sure. Still bigger than before I went in for sure. My doctor's bedside manner at surgery could have been better when discussing some unpleasant results about my blood test that he ran but I think that is simply how he is. I think doctors become much less sympathetic to patients because they have dealt with so many people over the years and don't like stubborn patients. I think he was wondering why I hadn't been to the doctor in a couple of years and quite simply put, I hate going to the doctor worse than the dentist. I only endured this in the hopes my abdomen would be much smaller. I think he did his best at the surgery, though, and I'm hoping the results match my faith. He didn't show me before and after photos.

Finally, my swelling is starting to go down...

Finally, my swelling is starting to go down somewhat! It is the 7th day since surgery and I FINALLY see some results. I do notice that my stomach has gone down a bit since the swelling is subsiding and I'm finally starting to feel a little excitement. Not getting too excited yet. I know that I'm still healing and I don't know what is going to happen. I did just want to report some good news finally. I know that I will not have a flat stomach because I had quite a bit of fat on my stomach and some of it is also skin that was loose before surgery so I know I'm still going to have a tummy. I know I probably could have used a tummy tuck but I didn't want the down time right now. I figure if this doesn't give me the good results I need then I will get a TT one day when I can afford to shell out more money and have some down time. However, I'm hoping there is some good skin retraction and at least a 50% improvement for the investment I made.

So's to progress! I am finally having a bit of hope. Will report back soon!

Just want to update. Today is about 9 days out...

Just want to update. Today is about 9 days out from surgery and I still am sort of swollen but it has gone down a lot since the first 5 days. It feels really hard to the touch. I am still swollen and my measurements are the same as pre surgery. I realize that if I move too fast one way with my torso, it is still quite sore. It is becoming much more comfortable to move around though and even to work out. Results are still not seen though so i cannot change my worth it from undecided yet. We will just have to keep on waiting and I must be as patient as possible.

Well it's been almost two weeks and my swelling...

Well it's been almost two weeks and my swelling has finally gone down a lot but I'm still swollen. I am feeling better and am actually seeing a bit of results. I will keep posting periodically and let everyone know how it ends up. I am excited about the swelling slowly subsiding. It gets better every day. It will be a while before I decide on whether it's worth it or not. I want the swelling/hardness to be gone. I must say though, my skin is smooth so far. I may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have the obvious lumps and uneven skin and dents. I may go back to get my hips and flanks done if this ends up being successful.

Let me explain in detail since I don't really want to put pics up. I am 5'4" and within about 25 lbs of my goal weight. I'm not thin but not that big either, most of my weight is in my stomach and I know I do have some stretched skin. So I wasn't sure smart lipo was best for me because of this but my doc told me I was a good candidate and I think he was sincere. I know tummy tuck would probably have been ideal but I did want to at least try this even with the big price tag. My husband didn't want to spend this much money but he knows my tummy bothers me so I was grateful that he approved of everything. I am just worried the results won't be exactly what I am hoping for and I will have to get a tummy tuck which is a huge added expense and a few weeks of down time. Something I'm not sure my husband would agree with. I have been a Mom since I was only 19 and I'm in my mid 30's now and have been living with this post pregnancy tummy for my entire adult life. I am dying for it to be gone. I hope this works. Patience is key, I guess

Starting to definitely see a flatter tummy....

Starting to definitely see a flatter tummy. Getting excited but not too excited yet until I heal more

Well I've had plenty of time to heal and about 90%...

Well I've had plenty of time to heal and about 90% of the swelling is gone I would say. My stomach is almost flat, which is unbelievable. I still have a little bit of loose skin but I knew that I would going in. And I'm only 30 days out from my surgery date, so more results should be in store. I went through a lot of swelling and my weight was actually higher from the moment I walked out of surgery until a few weeks after surgery, which was somewhat depressing. I've been dieting hardcore and have actually lost some weight now and feel much better combined with the swelling being diminished. I have a much smaller stomach and I'm really happy to report that it appears that this was worth it.

Just want to update now that I am two months post...

Just want to update now that I am two months post op. The results continue to get better day after day and it appears I am one of those who sees gradual results up to three to six months instead of instantly like some people. It has been slow but steady. I put on a pair of pants that would go over my hips before surgery but was about five inches from buttoning. I can now button and zip them up! Now that is amazing! And I get a little smaller every week it seems. So I am happy that I will be seeing even more as time goes on. I am even still swollen at my belly button so as this goes down I will hopefully report even more lost inches as time goes by.

So now about three months post op and am amazed. I...

So now about three months post op and am amazed. I have gone down another inch and a half in my waist and the pants I was talking about are now loose. I have lost over six inches in my waist. I have been eating well since surgery and that has probably helped too. Of course I was eating healthy before surgery so I think this is mostly having over six lbs of fat taken from my tummy. I will update again in another month!
Beleza Med Spa Dr. Broder

My doctor seems to be good at what he does and has an okay bedside manner. He's not the most kind or understanding doctor but he's even-tempered and somewhat pleasant. I know it can't be easy to suck fat out of people all day and other procedures as well. Stomach has healed nicely and it appears almost flat. I would say that this was worth it.

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