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My story! My weight loss journey has been a long...

My story!

My weight loss journey has been a long one for me and getting to this point has brought with it a mix of feelings all of which are normal and something everyone would go through. Anxiety, nervous, what will I look like after, is it worth it, what will my pain be like! Shock that I'm actually now doing it after all this time battling with myself as to whether I could of done more!

I had been overweight for all of my life always unhappy with how I looked but didn't know how to change the way I looked. I was extremely conscious of myself. At around the age of 16 something changed in me and I managed to get the courage to face myself and do something about how I looked. I discovered how much I loved the gym and being active. Changing my eating habits has been a long journey, trying to understand what I was doing wrong and also changing my addiction to the food I had been eating prior. The biggest part to any sort of change in your life is the mental aspect and because I was so focused this helped me to overcome my issues. It took me a long time to accept this and despite all my improved efforts I simply couldn't do anything about my loose skin however I gave myself 14 years of trying to reach my goals before accepting I couldn't do any more than I had done and I should be proud of what I had achieved despite still having loose skin due to the weight loss.

I now lead a very health life, I go to the gym approximately 4 to 6 times a week and I play lots of sport.
My nutrition is the area I am most proud of because of the changes I have made. I no longer eat refined sugar. My eating habits are better balanced and although I'm still learning I have now reached a point where I know enough to lead a healthy life and keep the weight off. This is also important for me because to do the surgery I am having I believe you have to change your eating habits for the better and improve your lifestyle otherwise it's counteractive.

Day of op

As I have never had any surgery before I was obviously nervous and anxious and to be honest just the unknown to how I would be after surgery.

The whole process is very surreal and happens very quickly. My experience with the medical team was very good and I was well looked after, everyone was very professional and caring.

Once your ready to go into surgery it happens very quickly. The anaesthetist was very nice and talked me through the process, before I knew it I was out for the count!

I woke up very comfortable but obviously dazed from the anesthetic and didn't remember to much early on. Pain wise I had no pain I was so drugged up and in a compression garment, so I was very comfortable. Again the medical team have been great and my doctor has told me he was very pleased with how everything went and he felt my results should be good, so fingers crossed!

I have not been able to take any pictures yet but will do so once I am able too.

Day 2 post op (26th November 2016)

Today I was allowed to go home. It was also the first time I walked around since my surgery which was hard as your so conscious about hurting yourself or your scar.

I still feel pretty good which was nice as I had prepared myself for the worst! Pain was very mild, pretty much non existent however I was starting to become more aware of my swelling and the tightening feeling. I was now off the morphine so I'm guessing this was why I could feel the swelling more!!

The car journey home was difficult as it was an hour and made me more swollen and the afternoon/evening was made worse because of it. This is probably the worst I had been in so far but it was more just an uncomfortable feeling than pain.
I went to bed early that day, sleeping was okay I managed to sleep on and off throughout the night so I feel that helped me get over the car journey and swelling along with the pain meds.

Day 3 post op (27th)

So had an ok nights sleep, obviously laying on my back with my legs elevated. I seemed to get up in the night when my painkillers wore off which is obviously a good thing in a way as it meant I was moving my legs.

Today my swelling I would say has been at its worst so far, quite uncomfortable, not in any pain but very tight which restricts my movements. Also havent had any bowel movements which also doesn't help with the swelling. I am now taking laxatives so hopefully that will now help.

Obviously still resting with small movements every couple of hours, walking hunched but I'm able to move, it's just uncomfortable. I won't be able to put any pictures up until Thursday when I see my doctor as I am all covered up at the moment with my garments.

All in all everything is to be expected so all good so far.

Day 4 post op (28th)

So day 4 another similar nights sleep like my one before so at least I'm sleeping some what.
Some uncomfortable moments but again mainly due to the swelling and lower back pain because of that.

Today started off uncomfortable similar to yesterday however it got better through the day. I've been more mobile. The swelling seems to have subsided as the day has gone on probably partly do with the fact the laxative has done the job! It was a nice feeling and made me feel a lot better afterwards.

So generally speaking as the day has gone on I am less uncomfortable and also feel like my swelling is going down slightly and feel a bit more myself which is obviously all very positive.

One thing I would say is this all moves very quickly and it does not last long, it can feel like a long time at the present time when your uncomfortable but it does pass and everything does work again.

I am now feeling very confident about my recovery and now just hoping my results are what I was looking for and it was worth me going through this and the money spent.

Day 5 post op (29th)

So again a mixed night sleep, still not a full nights sleep, mainly due to the itching I was getting from underneath my compression garment.

Movement seems to be better today, no pain and a lot less discomfort. I am still swollen but I am more comfortable now. I have started to stand slightly less hunched. I'm a bit fed up just relaxing now! Looking forward to doing more normal things again as it's boring just being restricted to resting and small movements!
Apart from that all is very pleasing
Prashant Govilkar

I'm very pleased with my doctor so far. I feel he listens and understands what you hoping to achieve. He is a nice friendly doctor and makes you feel comfortable at all times. Hopefully my results back up the first part of my experience!

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