Weight Loss and Tummy Tuck - Augusta, GA

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I,ve lost 120 lbs in the last 2 years. I am an...

I,ve lost 120 lbs in the last 2 years. I am an avid gym goer and weight lifter. Although not as bad as I anticipated, there is this awful excess skin mostly from being so heavy. I also had 2 c-sections that contributed to the condition.

I would really like to have the flat belly I cannot gain with healthy living, but have worked very hard toward achieving. I have excess skin on my arms and thighs as well, but will address the belly area first before considering anything else. I don't intend to get any lipo, just the removal of the excesss skin.

My insurance will cover 90% of the cost as it was detirmined to be medically necessary.

I was originally scheduled for the 8th of dec. the...

I was originally scheduled for the 8th of dec. the date was moved up to the 5th. I was uncomfortable with a few things that happened with my ps and I changed docs. Date was then moved to the 28th. Muchbetter situation except now I am way behind where I had planned to be at this time! Had allergic reaction to tape used on eyelids during surgery. They are swollen almost shut and covered with tiny blisters. I look like h$!?! Today i will see the ps and the scar. Hope all is looking good. I have one drain that doesn't seem to get too full often. I dont know when he intends to remove it. All was going well until I sneezed last night. OMG that was excruciating! It still hurts today. I hope I didn't do any harm! Well, I will see the doc today. I hope you all are well!
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