I Lost Sleep for Nothing. Not Bad at All

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Well, I just left my Zoom session about an hour...

Well, I just left my Zoom session about an hour ago and OK, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Actually, it wasn't bad at all.

I did what others said and brushed with a Sensadine toothpaste for a couple days prior and I took two advils 30 mins b4 my appt. Yeppee!! I made it thru all four (15 min) sessions.

Session one and two went by smoothly with just a couple small zings (I even nodded of to sleep during session 1 and 2). Session 3 zings were above mild but still very bearable and I was still able to enjoy watching Judge Joe Brown on the flat screen above me. I had two big zings and the others were baby zings. Im tired of sitting still though..my feet and hands were restless and Im ready for this to be bout over. The staff was wonderful, checking on me every few mins and adjusting the light so that it wasn't extremely close the whole hour. I think that made all the difference.

Session four had a few more baby zings (no more big ones..Yep, I only had 2 big ones and even they were very tolerable. The pain shoots thru so fast and its immediately gone. There's no residual pain so you quickly forget how powerful they are).

Im back at work and the baby zings are still coming and going quickly..no biggie but uncomfortable. Not painful at all. My teeth look great. Im so glad I did ZOOM and I didn't let the horror stories here scare me out of doing it. My teeth are about 3 shades whiter and look amazing.

Would I do it again? YES SIR!! I will keep them white with the take home trays I also receive.

Dr. Bruce, Dunwoody Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

The staff makes sure you are completely comfortable, informed (telling you about the zings and entire procedure)and relaxed. The office is comfortable, the flat screens are a great source of entertainment and distraction during Zoom and any other procedure and everyone very professional. I got a new patient special for $249. Dr B and his staff are incredible

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