Velashape - my Experience (Age 30, 10% Body Fat, No Kids)

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I just began Velashape treatments. My first visit...

I just began Velashape treatments. My first visit was 5 days ago. (I am hopeful but realistic!) No pain- the heat and rollers actually felt great on my sore legs from all the cardio I do! I am doing an initial round of 6 treatments, one per week, hour each time, with every 2-3 months of 1 maintenance visit. My goal is to get rid of the dreaded "banana roll" (without surgery or starvation) and so to maximize the "effects/results" of the Velashape tretments, I am also undergoing weekly deep tissue lower body massages (type= Thai), heat therapy, and a topical OTC gel that contains concentrated caffeine. My "banana roll" is very exercise and diet resistant.

Some basic stats about me:

I just turned 30, 5'7", 130 lbs.,
~10% body fat, no kids.
I am a current fitness model and a past national fitness competitor and champion.

I will keep everyone updated as I see (or dont see) measurable changes. I hyope that by doing this it will help/ educate others with the same body woe: the damned banana roll! :)

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