Smart Lipo on Abs...totally Worth It, Minimal Pain.

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Always had a "pooch" on my belly,...

Always had a "pooch" on my belly, otherwise in pretty good shape. My friends think I'm completely crazy for doing this, but it's important to me.

Three days post-op now, still swollen, trying to be patient....HATE wearing the compression garment. Would definatly do it again. Worth every penny!

So I had smart lipo on my abdomin 2 weeks ago and...

So I had smart lipo on my abdomin 2 weeks ago and the PA at my doctors office strongly reccommended I get a lymphatic massage.  Has anyone else's doctor rec. this?  I went on Friday and WoW!!!  I wasn't bruised at all from my surgery, but now...I am black and blue.  That was the most painful "massage" I have ever experienced.  The therapist said it was necessary to remove the scar tissue and the results will be a smooth, flat tummy.  I was pretty much bed ridden the day I got the massage and was also nauseated.  I am going back Monday after work and am already dreading it.  Am I alone on this one??

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