Sciton ProFractional Laser is a Waste of Money Compared to CO2 Laser Peel

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Nine years ago (at 43), I had a C02 laser peel....

Nine years ago (at 43), I had a C02 laser peel. The results were exceptional. It is amazing how this laser can remove deep wrinkles from the face and as a result leave youthful new skin!!! Down time was 10 days before back to work. My face was still red but it somewhat covered up with makeup. After a month my skin was close to normal color. Not only did it remove wrinkles it tightened up my skin.

After 9 years it was time to go again (I could have prologned the time with better skin care but was slack) I was talked into the ProFractional and was told that the down time much less (which it was) and the results were the same (that was not correct). It is all marketing hype!

In my opinion, after having already had the C02 laser, the ProFractional was a waste of my time and money!!! Do yourself a favor, take a little more time to heal and find a doctor that uses the traditional C02 laser. It is well worth the extra down time!!!

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