Huge, Swollen, Uneven Upper Lip - Atlanta, GA

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First off, let me start by saying that I...

First off, let me start by saying that I didn't undergo a lip augmentation per se, but rather had some scar tissue removed from my lip from an accident I sustained many years ago. The scar tissue was only prominent when I opened my mouth, but was less noticeable with my mouth closed. In fact, a few amount of people I have interacted with never noticed that there was an issue at all. Regardless, I was a little self-conscious about it, so I decided to go ahead with the surgery to get it removed.

I am slowly regretting going forward with the surgery, but still hope that the current "side-effects" that I have sustained from it will subside eventually. Basically, my lips are currently swollen beyond recognition, not to mention misshapen and uneven. They have been like this for the past two days (had surgery on Tuesday, it is currently Thursday morning). If there was any reduction in the swelling, it has not been a significant or even a noticeable one.

The surgeon reassures me that the swelling will come down "in time". I am going to take his expert advise and continue to wait for it to come down, but I am still waiting to see even a hint of an improvement. This has me very worried, as I feel slightly disfigured. It has also inhibited my daily life for the past two days, particularly my social and business life, and has limited greatly what I can eat. I am feeling weak and drained because of this, but I am still keeping faith that this will all turn out right, because I would never forgive myself if I paid $1000 to have my lips permanently disfigured over something so slight and trivial. Yes, I am beginning to regret having the surgery, but I won't offer a critique on the surgeon (who has overwhelmingly positive reviews on this website) until I start seeing results if any.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this and am looking forward to any insight from professional minds around here.

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