Itchiness, Redness, Swelling After First Few Days of Latisse Use - Atlanta,GA

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I have started experiencing redness, itchiness and...

I have started experiencing redness, itchiness and swelling of the eyelids after 3-4 days of using Latisse. Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else? Do you think that it will stop on its own?

Updated on Oct 30, 2009
After the maintenance phase is reached, how often do you have to apply Latisse? I've read everything from once a week to 2 or 3 times a week to every other day. Has anyone successfully stretched it out to, say, twice a week?Will this go away with continued use? Have any of you experienced this and have toughed it out? -- Updated on Sep 6, 2009: How long will it take to see any results? It's been 6 weeks with no change. Signed, Discouraged but still hopeful

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