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I am 49 years old turning 50 next October. I have...

I am 49 years old turning 50 next October. I have twin 3 year old boys and for the last 4 years have started to really notice my aging in my face. I get Botox on my forehead routinely. I have not used any fillers because I don't want to look fake. I am not surgery averse but felt a face lift is too aggressive of a surgery for where I am now.
My goal is to do little things to maintain and slightly improve my aging process by reversing those sags and bags that are starting to creep in. I don't want to look fake or stretched out. I just want to look like me 5 or 10 years ago.
After reading about Ultherapy and hearing about it at an educational event, I decided this is for me. I had my procedure done at Dr Beaty's office in Alpharetta because he is an expert and has been doing this for over 3 years and has great results and happy patients.
His new Aesthetician, Cherylyn did my procedure. She is super sweet and so nice. She really coached me through the procedure and took her time to make sure I was comfortable.
I have never looked my age until recently when I feel it's catching up to me. I'm excited to take just a few years off. I don't have issues with self esteem or vanity, I just want to look my best for any age that I am.

My procedure was 1 week ago today. The results are supposed to start being noticeable after 3 weeks and full results between 3 to 6 months. So I am very excited to be on my way.

The procedure itself is not comfortable to go through. They use nerve blocks and numbing cream and you can take a pain pill if you have one before the procedure or Motrin to help. As I said, Cherylyn coached me through and was able to move to another area if I needed a break which she did a couple of times. Overall, it wasn't that bad though.

For the last week, my jaw line has been sore when I press on it. So I just don't. I have to go over it easy when putting on moisturizer or make up but it's not that bad. Feels like a deep minor bruising but there is no bruising on my face. I haven't even taken any Motrin or anything for it, it's just not that bad and like I said is only uncomfortable if I press on the area. The only areas sore like that seem to be over the bones, my cheek bones, temples, and jaw right on the edge. I'm happy for that though if it means I got a good treatment because that was my biggest area I don't like.

There has been no change to my skin texture at all this last week. It was great to go have the procedure done in the morning, by lunch time I was at work and no one has known I've done anything. I like that the results will be gradual over the next few months. I'll just start aging backwards!

I'll post more pictures and see if I can get the before pictures they did at the office when I go back in so I can show their professional shots vs. my iPhone pictures.

I did my whole face and my jaw line. I had an option for my neck which I considered doing too but decided that wasn't as much of a problem for me at this point. If I see great results from my face, I'll go back and do it as maintenance. My Mom has a really saggy neck and if it's in my genes to get one too I'll do anything I can to fight it. My Mom hates her crepey neck more than anything and I'm sure I would too.

2 week update

So it's been 2 weeks since my procedure. The tenderness I felt is completely gone and has been since last week. I haven't noticed a difference yet and wasn't expecting to. One of my friends who didn't know I had anything done said my eyes looked more lifted and open and asked me what I was using or had done. I am looking forward to really start seeing results in the next few weeks and months

4 weeks out from procedure today

I had my 3 week follow up last Thursday. My results are starting to be noticeable around my jaw line, under my chin and on the outer half under my eyes. One of my friends told me today that she noticed my eye brows look lifted. I can't say that I notice any major improvement there but I see myself every day. I'll wait for more photos in a week or so.
I did get my before and after photos from Dr. Beaty's office today so I could post them.
Please remember these are 3 week photos and results are supposed to be at 3 months. It's not a lot of change, but there is definitely a difference already which is very encouraging for the results I am hoping to get in a couple more months.
I have no discomfort or anything in my face at all. That was all completely gone by 10 days or so after the procedure. Now, I am just waiting on the magic to happen.
Here are my photos. I do have a little eye makeup on in the follow up pictures but no blush or base make up at all.

9 weeks out from procedure

These are my pictures from last week, 9 weeks from my procedure day.  My face is looking lifted from my brow to my jawline.  People are starting to notice that I look "refreshed" and "rested".   I can see the difference in the mirror.  My jaw line is not as droopy and puffy as it was before.  My brows are lifted and my eyes are more open than before.  

I still have several more weeks to go before I am at full results.  I'm about halfway to the full result time line they told me to expect.  The results are really starting to show now and I could not be happier.  

I won't be going back to the doctor's office until my 5 month follow up.  I'll post some selfies next month though just to show the progress.  

Very very happy that I did this for myself.  I would highly recommend Dr Beaty and his staff if you are in Atlanta.  

6 months out RETREATMENT

I will post more "after and before" photos as soon as I get them.  I did want to update since someone just made a comment and reminded me I needed to.  

I am 7 months out from my initial treatment.  I really started noticing dramatic results myself at 5 months. Friends were noticing the small results even at 3 weeks and seemed every week/month after commented on seeing improvement.  

My biggest concerns were the jowls forming on my jaw line and the bags under my eyes.  I had great improvement on the jowls but there was some still there and turning 50 next month made me really see them on every older person I was around thinking mine will continue to get worse with age too.  

So I had that area retreated as well as the more superficial treatment of the skin under the eyes.  I am excited to see even more results over the next several months in those two areas.  Overall I am totally thrilled with my results even from the first procedure.  For me, my two areas that bothered me the most needed more results and that was the best part about Ultherapy I could do it again and without downtime it was no big deal to do so.  

I keep hearing on the entertainment channels the celebrities that are having this done even once a year to keep that younger fresher look on their face.  While I don't have the money that Courtney Cox or Gwenneth Paltrow do or the spotlight on me, I do want to look my best and still look like myself.    So I do think this is something that I will consider doing again and again.  Maybe not every year, but every 2 years???  

As soon as I can, I'll post the after pictures that were done as before pictures on my repeat procedure, which was just done 2 days ago.  

Follow up eye photos

The lighting is different and I have eye makeup on in the follow up photos.  I will have them retaken later this week and post some that are similar to the first set.  

BUT there is absolultey no denying the results I got.  I have no makeup on under my eyes or the rest of my face, see my eyebrows are light and sparse where I took off all my make up.  I didn't have mascara remover and didn't want to scrub off my waterproof mascara or have black streaks down my face.  

I ran into a kitchen cabinet the next day and have a bruise on the outer corner of my eye, so once that's gone I"ll have more photos done and post them.  

AMAZING.  I had no idea my results were this good. Go back and look at my photos from 9 weeks and you do not see this result.  

This  happened after 4 months, I started noticing myself looking better after 4-5 months but still didn't realize how much of a result I got on my eyes.  

Cool thing I just retreated them again last Friday so my results will be even more!  

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Cherylyn was great. Couldn't ask for a nicer person to do the procedure. She really coached me through it and was great to be with for the hour or so it took. Dr. Beaty is incredible. Such a nice doctor that really listened to me and my concerns with my aging face and made a great recommendation for the procedure. The office is really nice and clean and very professional and comfortable. Also very easy to get to in Alpharetta right off GA 400 and Old Milton Rd.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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