Q-Switch, PicoSure, Revlite and Engliten

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Like the title mentions, I have been treated with...

Like the title mentions, I have been treated with 4 different lasers and have had 19 treatments over the course of 5 years. As you can imagine, I’m pretty devastated over the fact that the tattoo is not only still there but also very visible. And on top of that, I have moderate to severe scarring from when I was burned during the second treatment with the q-switch.

The tattoo is a cover up of a messed tattoo that I ended up hating shortly after I got it. It was just too bold and too large for my small frame. Its size and awkward placement does not make me a good candidate for excision, so at this point I have 3 options: continue with treatments and hope for the best, discontinue treatments and just accept my disfigurement, or get another cover up. None of these options are appealing so I'm at a loss. I’ll admit that the tattoo is very much faded, but not nearly what I expected 4 lasers and 19 treatments later.

I have also started treatment on an ankle tattoo, and that too was a mistake. Granted the tattoo is a little faded after just 2 treatments, I have suffered from loss of pigment which may or may not be permanent.

Seeing people who have achieved full removal (or close to it) used to motivate me, but now I feel completely discouraged. Based on my own experience, laser tattoo removal is absolutely NOT worth the time, money, and physical/emotion pain that you go through. I've spent over 5 grand to be left with an ugly, faded, scarred tattoo. Maybe someday they will develop technology that will guarantee full removal rather quickly but today is not that day.
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