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I checked in at Emory hospital midtown at 11:00 am...

I checked in at Emory hospital midtown at 11:00 am. Surgery probably started around 2 pm. Staff were very nice and helped keep me calm. They gave me some meds to help ease me before going to operating room. I remember getting the I've put in and going to the operating room but nothing after that, just waking up in recovery.

Before rhinoplasty

Before rhinoplasty

As you can see tip was very bulbous, nose dropped downward and flat bridge

3 weeks post op rhinoplasty

Tip is still a little swollen. I had an open rhinoplasty where dr bootstaylor reduced my tip and used cartilage from my ear to give my nose a little lift. Nothing was painful but more uncomfortable. The most uncomfortable part is my ear where she took the cartilage, It's still a little soar but other than that everything went pretty good. By the way I was a little upset that my bridge still had no definition(i thought that that's what cartilage from my ear would be used for but my bridge is literally flat so I'm guessing she would need to use the implant that she recommended to do the job because I literally have no bridge compared to others so she had nothing to work with and I did tell her that I didn't want the implant. Just the thought of something foreign and not natural(from my own body) scared me. I'm still very happy with the results though, nothing drastic and nothing that looks "done" just how I wanted lol I'm satisfied. I have an appointment Friday for my 3 week post op check up and will update you guys on the healing process.
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