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Sooo this is my first review! I have been a member...

Sooo this is my first review! I have been a member of this app since 2015 but I've been wanting a nose job for... as long as I can remember honeslty. I am a 19 year old female who has had several injuries to my nose due to sports all throughout my life. I have a big dorsal hump, long "triangle-looking" nose and its crooked. I have always hated my nose and have been extremely embarrassed of it. If a guy didn't like me, I assume it's my nose. I NEVER let someone see my profile. I never take a photo from the side. I consider myself a semi-decent looking human but I feel my nose has held me back all my life. Some of my earlier memories of my life involve being made fun of for my nose and to this day it still happens. I tend to laugh along at the joke so people know it doesn't bother me but it always stings and I never forget it. I am currently on the search for a surgeon and have been looking for one for at least a year. I am extremely nervous about picking the wrong surgeon and they mess it up (of course it can't be messed up much more lol). I have been saving money forrrr at least 3 years and still not sure I have enough. Well, not sure what else to say but I'll upload some pics for whoever reads this (if anyone does read it) in order to put a name with a face and to show all sides of my nose. I'll update whoever decides to follow my story whenever something interesting happens or if I need to vent about my journey lol. ***I live in Georgia so if anyone knows of any good surgeons in my area, plz don't hesitate to help a girl out!

Finally took the plunge!!

FINALLY scheduled my first consultation! I'm going to Dr. Donald Nunn in Atlanta, Ga next week. I am SO nervous but also extremely excited to finally be taking the first steps. I got a free consultation thanks to this app so that's great! Trying to raise money and also be in college is pretty hard but I have wanted this nose job for so long so I'll have to make it work! The reason I have waited SO long to finally schedule a consultation is because my entire family was against me doing this which made me honestly very upset. They think I shouldn't change "what I'm born with"- but I wasn't, I have had several injuries to my nose that has caused it to become crooked and a big hump. And finally, FINALLY, my mom told me a few weeks ago she supports me. She said she was just looking at me one day and realized that it is very clear that it has been broken several times and she said why should I be so unhappy with something I wasn't even born with. That made me so relieved to finally have a family member supporting me and making so I don't have to go through this on my own. So she will be there with me next week at my consultation. I'll update after next week- wish me luck!


So my consultation is in 2 days and my mom just dropped a huge bomb on me that could change this whole thing. So my plan was the pick my doctor now and then have my surgery in the 3 week span in-between my semesters in college this summer. My mom just decided to destroy the entire plan we have already made with one sentence- "me and Dad were talking and we think you should wait till you graduate college." But here's the thing, me and my mom have already talked about why it has to happen this summer otherwise it won't happen for at least 6 more years. I'm a nursing major- as soon as I graduate nursing school I am signing up for the army to be a nurse for them. If all of that goes as planned and I enjoy the army as much as I'm hoping, I am going to go back to school a year after that to become a Nurse Practitioner and continue a career in the army and when I'm not deployed work in the intensive care/ER at a hospital. Now, I understand I am young and plans change, but this is what I WANT to happen. This is how I want my life to go. This is why we planned to do my surgery this summer because otherwise, I literally have no idea when my next chance will be, maybe after I retire from the military? I hate to sound like I'm whining or being a brat but it's just extremely discouraging to have planned something out step by step and if one step changed, the whole plan falls apart- which is currently my situation. So I have my consolation in 2 days as I said earlier, I'll let y'all know how that goes but whether or not I am just wasting my time or will ever get my surgery, I honestly have no idea. But I will let y'all know as soon as I do.

Consolation went great!

Dr. Nunn was great! All the staff members were very helpful and sweet and Dr. Nunn was very thorough. They took my pictures and morphed them and I LOVED it. Once they email me the pictures I will post them for y'all. The only thing I was worried about is it being too "sloppy" looking once he removed my dorsal hump so I will have to recheck with him on that. And after I left (always remember stuff AFTER I leave the place) that when he means "take in my tip" does that mean he will just like pull it in towards my face more or will he shave down some of the tip so it isn't so "strong" looking if that makes sense. I guess like not as pointy.
My mom really liked him and said she doesn't think I should look at other doctors but I've been told to at least go see one more doctor so I'm thinking I might go see Dr. Walker. They're both like right beside each other so I might schedule a consultation at both places on the same day so I can see Walker and also ask Nunn those few questions I mentioned earlier. My mom talked to her boss and he seemed to be okay with her taking off time to stay with me after my surgery and I told her I honestly will only need her for like 2 or 3 days.
The price wasn't as bad as I was expecting so I think I might actually be able to afford it! My dad might have to help with a little bit and I can pay him back pretty quick. All in all I'd say today went great and it got me super excited!! If I finally get the play from mom and Dad I plan to get it done this May since I have 2 weeks off from school then. Well I think that's about all so once they email me the pictures I'll post them!

350$ for a scope??

Even though I really liked Dr. Nunn I still want a 2nd opinion. I went to schedule one with Dr. Walker and they wanted to charge me 350$ just for him to use a scope... while Dr. Nunn used the scope on me for free... so I'm not sure how I feel about that and I currently don't have 350$ to spare for a doctor I might not even use so instead I might schedule one with Dr. Robinson or Dr. DeJoseph. Anyone else used/seen these 2 doctors?

Morphed photo with Dr. Nunn

Here's the photo Dr. Nunn did for me! I love it but worried it might be too "sloppy" from where my dorsal hump was taken off.

Not second guessing, just worried

I've wanted a nose job since I was 12... cried over it for countless nights... purposely avoided pics so it wouldn't be seen... and now that I'm finally going to get it done, I'm not necessarily second guessing myself but just worried I'm going to regret it. I don't know WHY I'm worried about that because I know I won't- I KNOW I want this surgery. But I'm now starting to understand the emotional toll plastic surgery takes on a person. It's a scary thing! You don't know until you try.

2nd consultation!

2nd consultation with Dr. Nunn went great! We actually went back to his office and we just sat there and talked and went over any worries or concerns I had about the surgery or morphed images. I really feel we are on the exact same page and he understand and agrees with everything I want done. I told him my main 3 concerns are: getting rid of the hump, shortening the tip and making it not crooked from where I broke it. And I told him my 2 huge "no-no's" are: no "piggy" nose and not too "sloppy" which he re-assured me several time that he will not let that happen. I even brought in a picture of Demi Lovatos nose (I love her nose, I know that's creepy lol) and he said ours will look similar but mine will actually look better because she has much thicker skin than mine and her tip droops down a little while mine naturally doesn't. I decided to go ahead and schedule surgery since I feel confident with him- SURGERY MAY 4th! Eek so exciting and nervous. It's going to be 1 day after my school finals and at 7 in the morning so I have no time to freak myself out and back out of the surgery lolol. I'll upload the updated morphed photo that Dr. Nunn and I decided on.

Cleared for surgery!

My doctor at home cleared me for surgery yesterday! I have POTS and vasovagal syncope and Dr. Nunn wanted my regular doctor to clear me to make sure I'd be fine to have surgery while having those conditions. Next I have my 2 week pre-opt with Dr. Nunn this Thursday!! Already made a list of all the necessities that I'll need while being stuck at home for a week. Getting worried that ill still be very bruised and swollen when I start my class 3 weeks after surgery but if so, oh well!! I'm just glad I finally found a time to fit surgery in between my classes. I'll update whoever read these when I finish my pre-opt Thursday!

2 week pre-opt

Went smoothly! Worst part was the Atlanta traffic! Haha. Got blood drawn, talked with the surgeon's assistant that will be in surgery with Dr. Nunn, and got my list of medicines I need filled before surgery. Now for the 2 week wait. They still hadn't received my doctor's clearance from my regular for my POTS or vasovagal syncope so had to re-call them to make them re-send it. Hopefully once they get that we'll be ready to go!


Exactly 12 hours till surgery!! Wow... I can't believe it's actually here and I'm actually doing this. I just knew something bad would happen or something would come up that would make it to where I couldn't get it done. But NOPE THIS IS HAPPENING. I've already made a huge list of everything my mom needs to take care of while I'm out of service (lol). Since I can't really bend over to feed my animals and stuff she not only has to take care of me but also them. I've pretty much already gotten everything I could possibly need for my surgery and more so now all that's left is to get there safe and let the rest happen. I've seen a bunch of people asking others what exactly what all they should get to be prepared for their surgery so if anyone wants me to, I'll post a list of everything I felt was a necessity. Just comment below if you want me to. Sooooo... other than that I guess that's it! Now I need to take a shower, figure out what I'm going to wear there then try my best to get a few hours of sleep since I have to wake up at 3:30:( . I'll update this as often as possible and already told my mom about this app to try to remind me to update y'all!! Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, and made me feel brave enough to go through with this! :)

Day 1 Post-op

Things are going great! I was very nervous but every single staff member put me at ease. Every member of the surgical staff came and talked to me before which I liked a lot. And it really reassured me being able to discuss everyone one more time with Dr. Nunn before surgery. I woke up feeling not bad at all. Just groggy. Dr. Nunn said everything went perfectly and there was no complications. He said he really felt he did exactly what I wanted and said it looked beautifully natural before he put the cast on. He said he made an incision up above, in my lip (like in the inside upper crease that connects to your nose). He did this because I was very worried about having an upturned nose and he said doing it this way allowed him to shorten the tip of my nose without upturning it which made me feel so much better. I went to the surgical room at 6:10 and I was finished around 9:30. As I was leaving the office, I got very nauseous and ended up throwing up right before we were leaving. Luckily I had a bag in the car (MAKE SURE TO HAVE SOMETHING IN THE CAR TO THROWUP IN AFTER SURGERY haha). My mom went back up there to get more gauze since I got throw up on it and some barf bags. She said everyone again was so extremely sweet and gave us bunch of supplies and some more anti-nauseous pills. Ride home: long story short had to pee constantly from the IV and had to change my bandage a lot from it bleeding. It's finally slowed down on bleeding. I didn't start bruising till the ride home and it's still not a lot of bruising! Highly recommend getting arnica Montana dissolvable tablets and start taking 2 days before your surgery and as long as needed after. It really helped with my bruising. Now just sitting on the couch with my cat! Now with pain... I'm honestly not in any. Like I've told several people that I expected the first day experience to be much worse but besides throwing up it's been pretty good. I'm not in pain and it's just a little annoying having this on my nose. Mouth breathing honestly isn't that bad as long as you keep your mouth nice and moist. I'll upload some pics to show y'all, ignore the nasty blood-soaked bandage and blood on my face lolol. Will say, eating is a struggle. With the incision under my lip it's hard to open my mouth since it's swollen. I was expecting to eat soup but I get it all over the place since I can't open my mouth. My moms going to get me smoothies until I can open it up more.

Night 1, Day 2

Things haven't been going as well as yesterday. Slept awful last night. I kept waking up every hour choking on drainage going down my throat. But I fixed it by adjusting my pillows. Then I woke up with my whole body stiff and sore- anyone else have this problem after surgery? I have a slight temperature, 99.6, but I called my doc and he said to just keep monitoring it but as long as it doesn't keep going up than that's normal for it to be slightly elevated. So overall, not has great as yesterday was going but still not "bad". Just not as comfortable as I was yesterday. I have a little bit more bruising and it's spread to my left eye now but again it's no where near as bad as I was expecting. My throat is still extremely sore and keep coughing up drainage. My lips are still swollen too which is making it hard to eat so I'm just doing soup through a straw and fruit smoothies for now. I guess that's all for now- I'll update y'all later! Oh one last thing, this is a VERY weird question but did someone else have trouble peeing after their surgery? It's not that I can't pee it's like I have to work to get it all out. I wonder if it's because like my pain pills have made it where I can't contract my bladder as well so it takes me a while. Sorry for the weird question Lololol just wanted to see if I'm the only one that experienced this issue.

Adding to Night 1, Day 2

I forgot to show y'all the photo that I told Dr. Nunn "to be inspired" hahaha. I love her transformation and said I don't want her exact nose on my face but that this is the look I was going for. He said that that's pretty much exactly what he was going for also so I guess next Thursday we'll see if it turned out like this!

Night 2, Day 3

Slept a lot better last night than the night before. I didn't wake up choking once. Overall today has been a much better day than yesterday. Day 2 was pretty bad, I just felt all-over sick. But today there's only been about 2 hours that I wasn't feeling so hot but I took a nap and felt better. Today is the most I'm been swollen. It's moved all the way down to my cheek, chin, and neck. I look like a weigh 200 pounds lol. Oh well it'll go away soon. Still having issues eating because my mouth is so swollen. My temperature hasn't gone over 99.7 so we're still doing good there! Alright wellz I guess that is all... not much to really say since all I do is sit on the couch, watch tv, drink fluids, and nap haha. I'll post some pics, which I really don't want to because I look like a fat cow but they're also funny so feel free to laugh at how big my face is haha. Oh, question, anyone that had nose surgery before, did you have like serious sinus drainage like green nasty stuff? It was blood the first 2 days but now it's mucous #gross

Night 3, Day 4

Well... I thought I was out of the woods after day 2 but I woke up this morning having serious stomach pain. It was so severe that it almost made me pass out and I threw up. We think it's from the laxatives I've been taking. But afterwards I took a nap and then woke up still feeling nauseous till I ate and THEN I started feeling better. Today I've been running at 100.5 temp but we got a hold of one of Dr. Nunn's nurses and she said it was nothing to worry about. Well, not much more to update about haha. My bruising is starting to turn yellow but my swelling is about the same in my cheeks chin and jaw. I'm still having a lot of mucous drainage down my throat and out of my nose so that's pretty gross too. Kk update tomorrow! :)

Night 4, day 5

Today is the first really good day! My only complaint today is I keep yawning which hurts my nose and I continuously am having acid reflex even though I've had like 8 tums. Im still pretty swollen and bruised but really not in pain at all. The drainage is just mucus now and my throats isn't sore anymore. Just ready for Thursday to be here to see what it looks like! Even though it'll still be extremely swollen. Drive for the first time today since I stopped taking my pain meds. And my friends came by and brought me some soup which was very sweet! Starting to get a little bored locked up in the house and even though I can't taste food that well, I'm craving chocolate like crazyyyy haha

Day 6 and Gettin Stressed

Okay, before I say anything, I know I'm being stupid. I know that it's only day 6 so there's no way to know how my nose is going to look because of how swollen it is. I know it's going to look so much different in a month than it looks when I get my split off Thursday. But I know I'm going to be so discouraged if it doesn't look somewhat like I was wanting Thursday even though I know it's still going to be extremely swollen and will look better with time. I'm just freaking myself out because right now it doesn't look anywhere near what I was thinking- and I can't barley see it! All I see is the tip and it looks so big and fat and just looks so much different than before. And it looks so much shorter like I feel like there's too big of a gap between my lip and my tip of the nose. Anyways, sorry for complaining and I know I shouldn't because it is only day 6 and it's still very swollen but I'm just freaking out so I just wanted to get it all out there. I'll add some photos and I did one where I put what I was wanting beside what I look like. And AGAIN I KNOW im being stupid and ridiculous because 1: you can't even SEE my nose because of the cast, and 2: it's only day 6 and it's so swollen, but I can't help it :( just freaking out. . So to update you on today, I'm feeling good. Only issue is I'm having some serious acid reflux... it started yesterday and it was so severe it almost made me throw up. I took a lot of different medicines and it finally went away enough to sleep. But now it's back and it's again about to make me throw up again so guess it's time for more meds. That's the only pain/annoying/medical issue today!

Few hours before cast removal

Well, getting super nervous but I'm honestly trying to go ahead and get myself ready for not liking it, I can already tell it's going to be extremely swollen so it's just going to be the waiting game to see if I like it in a few weeks once the swelling is down. I definitely feel like this is the hardest part of the whole process. It's hard not to get down and upset because you just have to keep remembering it's the swelling and you just have to wait. Kk that's all for now, I'll post a the last pre-cast removal pics and then I'll post some after it's removed. The swelling is still in my cheeks, chin, and neck but hopefully that'll go away soon. And also in the pics you can see the yellow bruising has moved down into my cheeks also.

Split removed!!!

The split... is gone!!! Okay, so I know my 2 earlier post was me freaking out and getting super super nervous. But y'all... y'all... I was freaking out for no reason!!! Dr. Nunn is a God of plastic surgery. He perfected everything I wanted and more. We were really on the same exactly level and there was no reason to stress. Yes, my nose is super swollen and my tip is very swollen, but I can see past the swolleness (is that a word?) and see what it's going to look like once the swelling goes down and it is really going to be beautiful. I really cannot stop talking about how well Dr. Nunn did and listened to every single want and don't want I had and perfected my vision. I couldn't have picked a better doctor. . So, no one talked about this so maybe it's just me, but my ENTIRE nose was broken out:( black heads and white heads erywhere. Pretty gross. And I tried washing it tonight but my nose feels too weird to touch!! Hahaha it's like numb and it literally creeps me out the feel of it. My tip is the worst part, it's like I don't have sensation but I can feel it it's just such an awkward feeling lol. . Now about the split removal... I don't know WHAT these people are talking about it being "painless" just more "uncomfortable"... THAT JUNK HURT LIKE CRAP. My eyes were watering like crazy because it hurt so bad. I described it to my friend as it felt like "he was pulling my brain out through my nose" and "it felt like he was pulling one of my teeth out through my nose." It was hell. But also there was instant relief once he got all that gunk off and out of my nose. Okay that's all, so I'll post some pics but I forgot to take pictures when I took the tape off to shower so I'll take more tomorrow. I have to put the tape on my nose for a month to keep the hump down.

More pics...

Some of these I took this morning, you can tell it's a lot more swollen that it was yesterday. Still happy though! I have to wear tape on my nose where my hump was to train the skin to form around the new hump-free nose.

2 week post-op

Has it really only been 2 weeks since having my surgery??? It feel like it's been at least a month. So I'll jump right into it- there honestly isn't much for me to update. Most of my bruising is almost gone and barley barley any pain. I'll explain the pain in a minute. My tip and the space between my upper lip and nose are still extremely numb, I can't smile that well. The pain/discomfort happens 2 different times: when I'm trying to apply makeup it doesn't hurt as much but is just more of a discomfort and honestly just a pain in the butt, annoying you could say, because you have to be so gentle putting on and taking off the makeup so I've just been going makeup free still. The other pain is on my right eye right where your eye bags (I'll post a closeup picture to show you the location). It's very difficult to explain the pain not in person but I'll try my best. It only hurts if I touch it but I can BARLEY touch it and it hurts pretty bad. It's not just an discomforting feeling, it actually hurts. The best way I can describe it is think of a triangle on its side with the tip horizontal pointing to the right. The tip of the triangle is right before my eye bag. It feels like a flat surface, maybe bone, that's there. But when you touch the beginning of my eye bag that flat surface/bone drops off and isn't there, just like the triangle after the tip it drops off. And that is where the pain is. Where that bone forms a flat surface, then a point and then drops off to nothing and there's pain. I'm going to email my doctor if that doesn't go away soon. . I'm lovin my nose! It's still very swollen and honestly doesn't look much different to me than it did when I got my cast off. My mom was worried that it's going to stay looking like this from now on but I think it's still going to change some. But if it doesn't I honestly won't be upset. I think my nose looks so much better than before and fits my face well. But I do think it's going to change some more. Dr. Nunn has me wearing tape to keep my hump down and he's having me sort of gently pushing my nose to the right to encourage it to stay straight. Since I've broken it 3 times it can never be perfectly straight but he said it'll definitely be an improvement. I honestly expected by now for everything to be back to normal but it's really not. Like I said earlier makeup is a pain, WASHING YOUR FACE IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT so I still have a good bit of acne on my nose. You just have to be so gentle, I can't even like splash water on my face without touching my nose so the only decent way to wash it is getting in the shower and letting the water run over it. Even though I hate acne I really don't care right now because if someone says something I'm just like well I just had surgery on my face so it's sort of hard and also you can mind your own business lol. I still have dissolvable stitches in my nose and under my upper lip. It's still very hard to get the mucus out of my nose. That parts pretty gross. I expected to be able to breath out of my nose perfectly but it can honestly be pretty hard at times to breath out of it and I have about 60% of smelling back I'd say. It's a long long journey but it'll be worth it! Kk now that's I've spent like 20 mins typing this I guess I'm done. I'll post some pics and a close up to try to explain where my pain is.

The first week struggle...

I meant to also add this to my 2 week post-op so I'll add it now. Most people said (at least that I saw) that they had someone stay with them day one and sometimes day 2 but were fine after. No no no no No. Total freaking bull crap. I was legit on the struggle bus for 4 days. I thought it wasn't so bad WHILE it was occurring that first week but looking back, it was freaking hell. If I hadn't had someone with me from day 1-4, I wouldn't have eaten properly, rested properly, or taken my meds properly. I had something different wrong with me each day. Like day 2 it felt like I was hit by a bus. Literally from my feet to my head was sore. It hurt to literally sit up- I COULDNT! My mom had to help me sit up off the couch to take my meds. I was just too weak. Day 3 I expected to be 90% better because that's how everyone made it out to be, but it was far from that. I was up with serious stomach pain, went to the bathroom, almost passed out and then threw up repeatedly. No idea what happened but luckily it passed. The rest of the day I slept. Day 4 way the best out of days 1-4 but it definitely wasn't fun. You know the feeling you have when you have the flu- you don't necessarily have a pinpoint location of pain, you just feel like literal shit. Just really run down and have no other way to describe how you feel besides you feel "bad". That's how I was and that's what I kept telling my mom who was with me. "I just feel bad, I don't know how else to explain it." Surgery is very very draining on the body and if there's any advise you take, it would be to try your best to sleep as often as possible. That let's the body heal the fastest, not just our nose but your entire body is off its tracks! It just had a very traumatic experience and had several foreign objects and drugs in it and it needs to heal. If it all cost, I would 100% recommend having someone with you at all times day 1-3. And if they can be there day 4 that'd be even better.

I also meant to add to my 2 week post-op that another thing going on with me so when I lean over, it feels like there's a weight in my head. It's like pressure but its relief when I stand back up straight. So imma just ovoid leaning over for a while hahahah

Pain/any questions for future patients?

So I've seen on RealSelf several people who are thinking about going through a rhinoplasty or are getting ready to have surgery. It would take 3 days to type up all the tips and tricks for a smooth recovery but I'd be more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have! Though the first 4 days were rough, I'd still say it was a good recovery since nothing went really wrong. Unexpected things happened but I feel like if more people would tell their experience, I wouldn't have been as blind-sided. Which is why I want everyone to know to feel free to ask me questions to feel more comfortable! I can tell what to expect the first 4 days, what were the necessities for post-op week 1, what to expect the weeks after surgery, or whatever else you might want to know! I honestly expected to be 90% better by day 2 post-op because that's what everyone made it out like but It. Was. Not. So after this whole rant, the moral of the story is please don't hesitate to ask questions! I wished I would have known someone who had recently gotten surgery before me so I could have asked them questions. Because I honestly didn't know what to expect.

Now an update on the pain I'm having under the skin on my right eye bag. I emailed Dr. Nunn's assistant and not even 30 mins later I received a phone call from his office. I expected it to be like a nurse or a worker calling me but it was Dr. Nunn himself. That's another thing I love about him, he obviously cares so much for his patients. Through this process, I expected to spend about 20% of the time with him, but actually he's been right by my side through about 95% of it! The only time he wasn't with me was when I got my pictures taken. Anyways, he told me he thinks it is perfectly fine. He said from where I had broken my nose 3 times, that location where the pain is is where he actually had to break and re-set the bone to try to correct the crookedness of my nose. So it's perfectly natural for it to be more swollen and painful on that side vs the left. But he also said that if I am still worried I am more than welcome to come see him whenever I want to ease my worry, but he said he was not worried at all about the pain under my eye.

3 week post-op

It's still about the same- still super swollen and super numb. Most of my nose stitches and mouth stitches have fallen out. I finally put on some makeup though!! I took some selfies but avoided pics at the baby shower I went to because I can't smile:/ my lip it still too numb to even lift my top lip over my teeth hahahaha so it just looks super awkward. I would definitely recommend making sure you don't have any important pictures soon after your surgery beacauseeeee I look funky smiling hahaha. I feel like my nose looked super cute (as you can tell because I took like 20 pics hahaha) so I figured I'd post some of them.

1 month post-op

SO sorry it's been so long since I've updated y'all! I started my summer class so I've just been super super busy. But I went to my month checkup with Dr. Nunn a few days ago and he said I'm healing beautifully!! He said he hasn't seen someone that heals as fast as I do... guess that's a good thing hahaha. But he did say im still very very swollen and my tip and dorsal part will be much smaller and thinner as swelling goes down. It's honestly been staying pretty steady swollen but then there's a few days where it's so tiny and cute and I'll post I picture of one of those days! I love love love it. I still don't have my smile back yet. I can now smile enough to show my top teeth but I really have to force it thus giving me a very "forced-fake" looking smile. Just have to give it time:/

I just wanted to give a little encouragement for those who are still on the fence about getting it done or not. If you're like me, and literally avoided pictures and mirrors because you feel so unattractive JUST because of your nose, please go for it. It is 10000% worth it to feel self-confident. I have literally had so many people say that I just seem so much happier and confident than I was before. It's funny, id always turn my face away from like a cute guy so he wouldn't see how big it was from my side view. And now I'll do it and then I'll catch myself and be like "wait you have a cute ass nose girl show that thing off" lolol. My mom and Dad (who were against the surgery most of the time) told me before I got it done "now you know this is going to change anything about how you feel, it's just going to change the way you look" and omg they were SOOOOO wrong. I have never felt better about myself! So trust me when I say, if you hate your nose as much as I did, do not be scared. Oh, one thing that's funny, so people that knew me before my surgery they're like "it looks exactly the same" then I pull out "before and after pictures" and they're like "there is no way your nose looked that bad before." So for those of you that have people in their life telling you your nose is fine the way it is and pure stupid to want to change it (people said that to me) now that I have before and after pictures literally every single one of those people have been like "wow okay yeah you needed a nose job" lol.

Well guess that's all, there isn't much to update which is why I guess it's been a while. It's still just so swollen. Oh! Also just wanted to add, you have no idea how good it feels to have people that didn't know me before surgery be like "wow! I would have never guessed that wasn't your nose a month ago! It's totally fits your face and looks so natural" like UGH THANK YOU LITERALLY MAKES MY WEEK. That's EXACTLY how Dr. Nunn said it would be so I could not be more happy. I'd trust that man to preform surgery on any and all parts of my body. He is a miracle-worker.
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I could not even begin to tell you how amazing this surgeon is. He listened to every tiny detail about what I liked and didn't like about my nose and corrected each and every detail. But my nose doesn't look "fake or over-done" AT ALL! I could not tell you how many people have told me "wow I cannot believe that's not your nose! I would have never guessed it looks so natural and fits your face perfectly!" I cannot tell you enough to please use D. Nunn if you're wanting a rhinoplasty. I would have 100% regretted using a different surgeon in the Atlanta area. He is BY FAR the best in his area, if not everywhere else also. He pays attention to tiny tiny details to make sure all comes together as a whole. Every member of his staff are all extremely kind and helpful and didn't seem to mind when I called 200 times after surgery freaking out about something haha. And if I EVER have a question or concern, all I have to do is email Emily and Dr. Nunn is calling me personally in the next 30 minutes to address any questions. He blew my expectations out of the water and I 100% do not regret my decision to get surgery and pick him as my surgeon. I could keep going on but Ill end with this, for the amount of effort, time, energy, and attention to detail Dr. Nunn put into my nose, I wouldn't have expected the price to be as reasonable as it was. 100% recommend to anyone.

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