Finally getting my nose done! - Atlanta, GA

Sooo this is my first review! I have been a member...

Sooo this is my first review! I have been a member of this app since 2015 but I've been wanting a nose job for... as long as I can remember honeslty. I am a 19 year old female who has had several injuries to my nose due to sports all throughout my life. I have a big dorsal hump, long "triangle-looking" nose and its crooked. I have always hated my nose and have been extremely embarrassed of it. If a guy didn't like me, I assume it's my nose. I NEVER let someone see my profile. I never take a photo from the side. I consider myself a semi-decent looking human but I feel my nose has held me back all my life. Some of my earlier memories of my life involve being made fun of for my nose and to this day it still happens. I tend to laugh along at the joke so people know it doesn't bother me but it always stings and I never forget it. I am currently on the search for a surgeon and have been looking for one for at least a year. I am extremely nervous about picking the wrong surgeon and they mess it up (of course it can't be messed up much more lol). I have been saving money forrrr at least 3 years and still not sure I have enough. Well, not sure what else to say but I'll upload some pics for whoever reads this (if anyone does read it) in order to put a name with a face and to show all sides of my nose. I'll update whoever decides to follow my story whenever something interesting happens or if I need to vent about my journey lol. ***I live in Georgia so if anyone knows of any good surgeons in my area, plz don't hesitate to help a girl out!

Finally took the plunge!!

FINALLY scheduled my first consultation! I'm going to Dr. Donald Nunn in Atlanta, Ga next week. I am SO nervous but also extremely excited to finally be taking the first steps. I got a free consultation thanks to this app so that's great! Trying to raise money and also be in college is pretty hard but I have wanted this nose job for so long so I'll have to make it work! The reason I have waited SO long to finally schedule a consultation is because my entire family was against me doing this which made me honestly very upset. They think I shouldn't change "what I'm born with"- but I wasn't, I have had several injuries to my nose that has caused it to become crooked and a big hump. And finally, FINALLY, my mom told me a few weeks ago she supports me. She said she was just looking at me one day and realized that it is very clear that it has been broken several times and she said why should I be so unhappy with something I wasn't even born with. That made me so relieved to finally have a family member supporting me and making so I don't have to go through this on my own. So she will be there with me next week at my consultation. I'll update after next week- wish me luck!


So my consultation is in 2 days and my mom just dropped a huge bomb on me that could change this whole thing. So my plan was the pick my doctor now and then have my surgery in the 3 week span in-between my semesters in college this summer. My mom just decided to destroy the entire plan we have already made with one sentence- "me and Dad were talking and we think you should wait till you graduate college." But here's the thing, me and my mom have already talked about why it has to happen this summer otherwise it won't happen for at least 6 more years. I'm a nursing major- as soon as I graduate nursing school I am signing up for the army to be a nurse for them. If all of that goes as planned and I enjoy the army as much as I'm hoping, I am going to go back to school a year after that to become a Nurse Practitioner and continue a career in the army and when I'm not deployed work in the intensive care/ER at a hospital. Now, I understand I am young and plans change, but this is what I WANT to happen. This is how I want my life to go. This is why we planned to do my surgery this summer because otherwise, I literally have no idea when my next chance will be, maybe after I retire from the military? I hate to sound like I'm whining or being a brat but it's just extremely discouraging to have planned something out step by step and if one step changed, the whole plan falls apart- which is currently my situation. So I have my consolation in 2 days as I said earlier, I'll let y'all know how that goes but whether or not I am just wasting my time or will ever get my surgery, I honestly have no idea. But I will let y'all know as soon as I do.

Consolation went great!

Dr. Nunn was great! All the staff members were very helpful and sweet and Dr. Nunn was very thorough. They took my pictures and morphed them and I LOVED it. Once they email me the pictures I will post them for y'all. The only thing I was worried about is it being too "sloppy" looking once he removed my dorsal hump so I will have to recheck with him on that. And after I left (always remember stuff AFTER I leave the place) that when he means "take in my tip" does that mean he will just like pull it in towards my face more or will he shave down some of the tip so it isn't so "strong" looking if that makes sense. I guess like not as pointy.
My mom really liked him and said she doesn't think I should look at other doctors but I've been told to at least go see one more doctor so I'm thinking I might go see Dr. Walker. They're both like right beside each other so I might schedule a consultation at both places on the same day so I can see Walker and also ask Nunn those few questions I mentioned earlier. My mom talked to her boss and he seemed to be okay with her taking off time to stay with me after my surgery and I told her I honestly will only need her for like 2 or 3 days.
The price wasn't as bad as I was expecting so I think I might actually be able to afford it! My dad might have to help with a little bit and I can pay him back pretty quick. All in all I'd say today went great and it got me super excited!! If I finally get the play from mom and Dad I plan to get it done this May since I have 2 weeks off from school then. Well I think that's about all so once they email me the pictures I'll post them!

350$ for a scope??

Even though I really liked Dr. Nunn I still want a 2nd opinion. I went to schedule one with Dr. Walker and they wanted to charge me 350$ just for him to use a scope... while Dr. Nunn used the scope on me for free... so I'm not sure how I feel about that and I currently don't have 350$ to spare for a doctor I might not even use so instead I might schedule one with Dr. Robinson or Dr. DeJoseph. Anyone else used/seen these 2 doctors?

Morphed photo with Dr. Nunn

Here's the photo Dr. Nunn did for me! I love it but worried it might be too "sloppy" from where my dorsal hump was taken off.

Not second guessing, just worried

I've wanted a nose job since I was 12... cried over it for countless nights... purposely avoided pics so it wouldn't be seen... and now that I'm finally going to get it done, I'm not necessarily second guessing myself but just worried I'm going to regret it. I don't know WHY I'm worried about that because I know I won't- I KNOW I want this surgery. But I'm now starting to understand the emotional toll plastic surgery takes on a person. It's a scary thing! You don't know until you try.

2nd consultation!

2nd consultation with Dr. Nunn went great! We actually went back to his office and we just sat there and talked and went over any worries or concerns I had about the surgery or morphed images. I really feel we are on the exact same page and he understand and agrees with everything I want done. I told him my main 3 concerns are: getting rid of the hump, shortening the tip and making it not crooked from where I broke it. And I told him my 2 huge "no-no's" are: no "piggy" nose and not too "sloppy" which he re-assured me several time that he will not let that happen. I even brought in a picture of Demi Lovatos nose (I love her nose, I know that's creepy lol) and he said ours will look similar but mine will actually look better because she has much thicker skin than mine and her tip droops down a little while mine naturally doesn't. I decided to go ahead and schedule surgery since I feel confident with him- SURGERY MAY 4th! Eek so exciting and nervous. It's going to be 1 day after my school finals and at 7 in the morning so I have no time to freak myself out and back out of the surgery lolol. I'll upload the updated morphed photo that Dr. Nunn and I decided on.

Cleared for surgery!

My doctor at home cleared me for surgery yesterday! I have POTS and vasovagal syncope and Dr. Nunn wanted my regular doctor to clear me to make sure I'd be fine to have surgery while having those conditions. Next I have my 2 week pre-opt with Dr. Nunn this Thursday!! Already made a list of all the necessities that I'll need while being stuck at home for a week. Getting worried that ill still be very bruised and swollen when I start my class 3 weeks after surgery but if so, oh well!! I'm just glad I finally found a time to fit surgery in between my classes. I'll update whoever read these when I finish my pre-opt Thursday!

2 week pre-opt

Went smoothly! Worst part was the Atlanta traffic! Haha. Got blood drawn, talked with the surgeon's assistant that will be in surgery with Dr. Nunn, and got my list of medicines I need filled before surgery. Now for the 2 week wait. They still hadn't received my doctor's clearance from my regular for my POTS or vasovagal syncope so had to re-call them to make them re-send it. Hopefully once they get that we'll be ready to go!
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